Person being rude + preventing people from expanding


dear support,
a while back we had a guy joining the settlement no issues everything was fine.
I gave him forged items and stone and some other goodies to welcome him to the game and settlement.
he was a level 6, he started to build his base and placed a beacon near mine where I had my tiny mud farm.
alrighty, no issues I asked him if he was going to build there and he said yes. I have been that nice guy removing my little farm so he could extend and continue his build.
after another day I noticed he placed 2000 plots randomly all over the place, alright no issue for me but he started to plot towards the members connected to the roads, I thought he meant no hard, another day passes and got a message from one of the settlement members that where he was going to expand that spot was taken and the guy plotted the back of his build right against the build and started to build a road.
I went to see that guy and said mate would you be so kind as to move a bit away from other people so they still have the chance to expand, he smiles and said sure np, I assumed at this point we had a good communication set up.
I went offline to have dinner and coming back online only to be finding that guy had his goal set up on the next victim, I instantly grabbed a plotter and blocked him from plotting nearby the other member, yet he just took the other side but not as near as the other one.
I then spoke to him again and said he is being rude and has no respect for fellow members of the settlement if I could kick him out of the settlement I would!
we kinda ignored him for that time being because maybe he gets bored and leaves.
yet I was wrong again, he then placed a beacon inside a square that was plotted all way round and took the none plotted parts right against the other side of the build from a member now having taken over 2 sides.
I again spoke with him and asked him to remove the beacon and I really have no clue what he is trying to do right here when his own build is miles away just creating roads and mud bases all across the place
he just laughed at me and he said I should remove my plots to make space for his road (the one I blocked him from doing towards the other member) I said that is not going to happen, but ill report his beacon because it locked my member from expanding on 2 sides and he just laughed and left.
ok, fine I’ll let the members report his beacon. also coming on this morning to only be finding out he locked someone in completely from all sides now.

long story short, how long does it take for a report to be looked at roughly?


Not sure how long the reports take to investigate, it seems like they are working through the holiday backlog based on 2018 trolls who are just now getting banned.

But plotting around someone entirely is 100% against the CoC.

I’ve heard that the devs have the power to read chat log history and even view plot history so there is no covering their tracks. What’s done is done. Report the block-in and justice will come.


thanks, yeah i dont mind waiting he does break the rules and its going to be his loss.


just confirmed he placed another beacon while we were sleeping or away…
locking out 3 other members frome expanding i really hope something can be done he is really getting on my nerves.


Closing this thread.

Please PM me the exact coordinated of these plots so that I can review them.

Encircling beacons is against the CoC.