Petition to Devs: Make water more transparent [POLL]

Hello friends

I have a suggestion for devs, and a poll for community, cause im almost sure vast majority will vote yes on it. But just to be sure and give devs some players input maybe we can get this change :slight_smile:

  • Yes, make water more transparent so we can see lil bit more through it.
  • No, leave it as it is now.

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Poll will be open for 1 week.

I hope @james @rossstephens and other devs will listen to the voice of the community.

We all want this game to be more epic then anything ^^


And fishies! Baby shark!


Especially not just more transparent, make them transparent especially from the sides and behind Glass.
I am always very sad, if i see this restriction, per example for the glasswalls in my lake or the underwater walkway to the future Hunting Meet at Ultima.

Edit: Aquatopia would have such a great stylistic benefit by it too.
And i am sure countless of underwater builders will vote Yes.


you forget make it a forge quirk lol


If they do this I hope it is a slider, or at least a toggle type option. I just got a new 8gb Video card, so my desktop will not have any issues (once I get an OS onto it), but the rendering what with reflections on the surface, and a wide open subsurface transparency, I can already see my laptop (current gaming rig) going up in flames trying to get near a lake.

I’ve seen a few times that they can’t really do that for technical reasons.

It makes sense to me since I don’t see why they would make the water look like an almost perfect mirror.

there was a mod done by community member, so it is doable.

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Yeah, I know, I’ve commented on that thread. But could it be that transparent water could have any downsides?

Only downside that I can think of is that i might be more resource intensive.

The imminent Testing update includes changes to the fluids - please check these out and give us some feedback once it’s live. Now is a good time to make some tweaks to how fluids are presented in game.


awesome news !!! ill definitely test it out XD hell yeah ^^

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You mean stuff like waterfalls looking great from the side and water being more transparent when seen through glass? :smile:

can’t wait

All my workmates are on holidays and I’m alone in the office, perfect time for a boundless testing bomb to drop. :grin:


I’m not gonna vote since I’m neutral about it. Although, I’m curious why do anyone want it change. Is this just for aesthetic or there’s a practical reason to it?

for me just esthetics, and about practical approach? hmm maybe it would be easier to spot underwater resources. maybe someone have other ideas as well. as i said im for in only for esthetics

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Oh that does make sense for practical reason, I could think of underwater mud or the rock rungus thing.

Just read a few of the comment above, I didn’t realize you can’t see through water if it flow vertically. I was only thinking of water surfaces.

@james if you guys can make water transparent when seen through glass… Well im not sure how ill get it to you but the beers on me! …or whatever you drink.


I heard they like a Glenlivet 1943 Scotch!


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I completely agree with this. I dont know how this was overlooked. being unable to make under water domes and tunnels and see out under the water seems absurd to me


I need more information and would like to see what it looks like before I would decide.

I know if you put it behind a gleam sign you can see farther.