Pheminorum Chunk Not Regening

Location -90N -570E Alt: 78. There was a chunk of land that would not regen at all. It appears that if there is a warp conduit that has “invalid warp configuration” on it that it could cause the chunk to not regen. @James was able to force regen (roughly 11/27 @ 6:15 am PST) and has details and said he would work with @lucadeltodecso to check if the warp conduit caused the issue with the regen. I wanted to make sure this was added to the bug database @vdragon. Thanks.

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This area here?

Yup looks like it. If you run back a bit in time from the time code I gave you you’ll see the land not regenerated. It was like that for weeks.

On a side note, if you look to the left a bit and go maybe 150m you’ll see a lake with an area that is deconstructed. There is a beacon and another warp conduit with same issue. Once that beacon expires I’m going to use that area as another test zone. You should be able to the world forward and get it to expire to see if same thing happens.

Thanks for confirming. I don’t have the ability to check what the area looked like around that time you mentioned, although @James and @lucadeltodecso could grab a copy of the world to check if necessary.