Pictures of the new worlds


I am so confused about that first image.


This is a video, but it consists of only sight seeing (no hunting/fighting).
Views of amazing biomes, weather, particle effects. Beauty, majesty and dread - all to the music of Sigur Ros.

You can also spot some creatures and observe their decals.



Heh. That looks like a toilet.

Oh snap, it is a toilet.

That looks like one too.

Scorrre! Another commode!

Spoiler: They’re all toilets.

I’m pretty sure “Gagnantri Tholus” is Oortian for “Gigantic Toilet”.

Here’s the septic system underneath complete with big black liquid patties. Pretty darn cool. Explains the unique black water here. If anyone else was curious, I guess Titan waste is black??

Oooh city-like.

Ready made basessss

Complete with super tall walls.

I bombed the inside of one and they’re not hollow. :confused: Or not all of them.
Still awesome cookies and cream city.


My best screenshot so far (giant crater from meteor on the left)


That looks like Osiris…


I especially like this new cloud system visible in the background


More of a reason to get off the starter planets :wink:


Did some scouting yesterday and today on Talme IV :grinning:
Nice new starterworld, I like the new colours
Lots of Twisted Wood; I sure could build my new house over there.


That IS Osiris … or at least NOT Boundless ^^ … bad boy, @Karokendo ^^

I wish I would be wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought it was No Man’s Sky


may be. Never played it so I can’t tell ^^


looks like no man’s sky no doubt.


That’s from No Man’s Sky


Using warp augments I explored 3 more worlds in that special hunt universe: Corostra, Lo’Uraz and Elerondr.
Here’s a short video showing some of the discovered landscapes. I called this “part 1” as I might go to even more worlds and make videos like this one, with 3 worlds shown. Depends on time and will.


Your screenshots are awesome!

So, here is my five cents. Two planet is missed because boundless crashed after hour of playing and my first video record was broken =\

And special version of Oornik:


3 more worlds visited and here are some landscapes: interesting biomes, gleam props etc.


Really? I loved it!
to each their own I guess.

I will say that a few of them did have quite odd matchings and there was a lot of magenta, but
I’d like to see still a variety of colours but ones that look good together.

I see it… the top surface of water has a reflection, but all the grey is a vertical column of water and then at the bottom it’s lava.

Now that I see the beauty of all the worlds I am so jealous. something was wrong with my shaders I think because most of the time the sky was completely white and everything was overexposed. I couldn’t even tell it was night time…
anyways here are my shots…

wait, my grapple broke? but I’ve barely used it… and it’s still holding on… oh well. ignore.

Then there were times when it was dark…

like, REALLY dark…

also there were weird low-res artifacts in the sky for a little bit too…

and then sometimes it seemed… proper…

…I think…

Overall I am very impressed, I love the different biomes, the prefabs, the variety of colours and of course the new GLEAM! :heart_eyes:


what is name and componist that music track in your videos, @boundmore? … I love that jap/electro mix :smiley:

And COOOOL shots by the way :wink:


My brother composed that one. He started as a rock guitar player but lately played away with stuff like that. And this one is called track01 :rofl: he didn’t think of name just yet