Pictures of the new worlds


computer specs + logfile?


ah, right.
2012 imac 3.4ghz i7
16gb 1600MHz DDR3
Nvidia GeForce GTX 675MX 1024MB
running High Sierra 10.13.4

and I’ve started the game since and playing now, would the files still be valid? or do they get overwritten? If it shows a history it would be the 2 crashes before the last 2 :stuck_out_tongue:
I can send them now.


fine, its part of the startup logs, so doesnt matter when the log is from.


okay that problem (over/under exposure) is already fixed in the dev version of the game, it was a mac only issue for the new tone-mapping that isnt in the live version.


I would be happy to add the fantastic and mesmerizing “Track01” to my Music Archive … Tell your Bro that he’s got talent! :blush:


I might share it I guess.


Yes, please.


I liked the new worlds but did have some concerns in that many we visited were very hard to navigate and unusual in their make up. I loved that in some context. In another context what concerned me was that the more normal planes and planet colors might not exist any longer… There is something about the planets that we have now that feel more natural. I really hope those planet designs do not go away. The starter planet we were on seemed way too flat…


It was mentioned that starter planets might be made easier to navigate for beginners - less vertical and no caves opening in the ground (so no hole traps).
There will be more levels of planets so I think for many players its not the starter planets that will become main bases. I found worlds that are not too difficult if it comes to creatures, but with interesting topography and color palette as well as maybe a bit stormy but if they have normal atmosphere they might take over the current home planets if it comes to difficulty etc.


mind you those were tier 8 worlds.
we only currently have tier 3.
that’s most likely why. our starting planet was much like our other starters. I quite enjoyed the colours


Yeah… I didn’t check the level of all of them. I just hope tier 8 doesn’t just mean - hard to navigate. I’d like an earth like planet at tier 8.


I suspect higher tier worlds are intended as progression elements - so they will be tougher to survive on in every way - including navigation. Keep in mind that they will also have extremely harsh atmospheres.

Judging by the amount of loot they offer and the fact that they only offer higher tier loot I think they seem to be intended as worlds we won’t live on easily - but worth more to veteran players. It will also create an interesting economy aspect where we need lower worlds to farm basic mats and higher worlds to farm advanced mats.


what? that’s the whole point isn’t it?

100% disagree. that would be SO BORING

but i know what you mean though. you want to hunt on a higher tier planet but not have insane terrain. and I agree with that.
If you are talking about the colours then that’s where I disagree.
Earth like colours are fine for starter planets. but as soon as you go off planet I would expect to see completely different sets of colour.

I’m more about not only colour variations, but colour combinations
I think the random generator popped out too many magentas and pinks, some were beautiful, but the palate of each planet didn’t jive as well as they could have.

having said that, there also lots of examples of good combinations.
like this one. this was my favourite colour combination for a starter planet. the green leaves reminded me of super mario brothers games :stuck_out_tongue:

another great colour combo, I loved seeing all the the different shades and hues of wood, especially in the cyan-violet range


I ran out of warp augments, so until I find solution to this, its the end of season 1 of New worlds :wink:
Part 3 here:


Oh, I forgot! It didnt make it to the movie by mistake (too much footage to browse through!) - the crazy gleam prop under water!! amazing!


No… i want varibility ultimately. Hard should mean many things in my book, just not terrain. That means we should be able to have a hard planet with creatures, atmosphere, and other stuff without it having to be crazy terrain with lava everywhere.

Obviously I don’t mean exactly like earth but at least some of the feel we have… I think color schemes and everything should be mixed and across the board. I’m looking at a multidimensional approach to planet design. Each of the modalities - color, navigation, creatures, etc should be used on all planet designs from level 1 - 10+.


I made warp augments!
plus @willcrutchley gave me some :slight_smile:

if you can make it back to the home base area I’ve got some there.
I think I’m ready over on live so I can probably set up a shop stand :stuck_out_tongue:


Would be cool. I might be in game in a few hours or tomorrow. I have offer from one more player too so maybe I’ll be able to open season 2 of the series lol.


I feel you. I would like to see difficulty to be defined through different combinatuon of elements deciding about world level.
So a higher tier world (let’s say 8) could have easy topography (1) and medium weather difficulty (3) and hard mobs (4) making it overall level 8 OR easy weather (1) but medium mobs (3) and difficult terrain (4) etc.


Exactly… thank you for a much better example than mine. Overall something like this gives depth to the game because of the nuances and I believe will keep people interested longer and the game more attractive. All too many times games don’t have true depth so people get bored and leave.