Pictures of the new worlds


water doesnt flow down in one picture


the same happens in the world builder - I hope we wont see much of it in final worlds - as in walls of lava and water - or sometimes there is a single block of fluid on a flat surface…


I noticed what a main colour of Talme IV is the red of soil but not the green of grass as we could expect.

Hunting branch experience reviews

Loving all the new gleams!

These ones looked like oysters!

with GLEAM as the pearl!! :heart_eyes:

another excellent colour combo:


where is gleam in the last one?


If you can share some planet tokens (location markers), please PM me.

I have and can share with you:
  • Alba-1
  • Belsaurus
  • Calos
  • CirleD’Er
  • Choiin
  • Colum Li
  • Corosta
  • Deneb Al Mino
  • Elerondr
  • Halis II
  • Kidriffrin
  • Kinythro I
  • Khashoon Prav
  • Lacior
  • Lo’Uraz
  • Muli V
  • Munnillan
  • Oornik
  • Orvax III-E
  • Permine Worxes
  • Rijl Asogium Auria
  • Storiary Kel
  • Talme IV
  • Trilea Trif
  • Valdiis

If you have any not listed, please share it with me :pray:

Also I have machines to produce warp augments on Talme IV. Can exchange trophies (meat, bones, etc.), metals (copper, iron) and fuel (coal, timber) for augments.


heh, I didn’t mean to imply there was gleam in all the shots :stuck_out_tongue:
i probably should have put that screenshot first as I was referring to a previous comment of mine :stuck_out_tongue:
i just really liked the combination of colours there. I was going to post a few more pictures of landscape with interesting colours but didn’t take any nice ones.