Pigment from foliage?

maybe we could put foliage into the extractor say 360 for 10 pigment of that foliage color .

That would really overthrow the current goo farming environment so unfortunately that’s probably not a viable solution, sorry. I could get on board with goo being available on perm planets, maybe T4+ but that’d probably swing the balance a lot, too. IDK if that fits the Dev plan.

maybe 360 foliage and maybe 180 toxin,corrosion,blast,burn,shock,chill shards .something more complex and abit more mats so it dosnt overthrow the goo ?

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It still would kind of mess with the goo though seeing as you are guaranteed to get the color you want from the foliage every time vs not so much with the goo. Much easier to just harvest the â– â– â– â–  out of all foliage when it becomes available and get a ton of that specific pigment.

I mean great, easy easy, way to get pigment but might as well get rid of goo at that point. :woman_shrugging:

I honestly don’t think the Dev’s would replace an exo-only resource with anything but other exo-only ingredients. Such as kindling or something. (And we know how popular that suggestion will be)
I like what you’re going for, I just don’t see it working without a total re-balance of goo farming.

Goo farming is the one crafting/farming type activity that I truly enjoy - I hope they don’t change it (unless it’s to add colors/effects)


I could see using foliage and/or soil and ash as a pigment tint influencer. So maybe a dedicated slot where you can put those blocks and impact the color of your spray cans as if you had added another color of pigment, but maybe only 10-20% as powerfully. You wouldn’t get any additional spray cans, just the ability to nudge the color a tad.

That being said, the current system is pretty great, and I don’t really have any complaints.


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