Pigment machine coils

So i placed yesterday 5 coils to my pigment machine and got 5% bonus… wich is like
Place 100… get 105.
I dont usually complain but this seem very little compared what those coils “cost”.
Mainly cause of refined blink.

Am i only one with this?

You get 1% extra per coil and thees a max if 24 with these as well…

24 sounds better… guess i just rushed… those 5 cause i thought it would increase the rate like in other machines but no can do i guess.

But i still think its pretty low compared how much the cost is.

I wonder if they will add advanced coils at a later date as well. Could increase it even further

Don’t want to imagine what the crafting cost on those would be when these are already bad :persevere:

Somebody selling coils for the Pigment machine?

I made a full pigment machine, anyone tested what the extra 24 percent gives out?

We are selling them at The Golden Fist on Imdarri.

You can access it from a lot of different places, 4KG, TNT Hub, PS Hub, I think the Meteor Meet too now.

They aint cheap though, I’ll tell you that much. That refined blink is a pain.

It gives 24%more that you put.

Example you put 100… your bonus is 24%.
24% out of 100 is 24 so you get 24 extra cans

124 cans total

At least how i see it

1 can is one spray for a block? Or does a can last a few?

Yes 1 can sprays only 1 time and 1 block

Yeah the whole one can per block is kinda silly but sadly it is indeed like that…

When I did discover this on testing server I was also disappointed. But after I did see how much goo exo worlds had on live and combined with how well goo cam drop pigments and seeds amount seem quite nice. It keeps mined blocks and paints both in market :slight_smile:

I can understand the desire for a better return on investment. However, this is one of the few non-consumable ways of using the lucent gems. I think the cost is on par with the return. You essentially get infinite 24% return on your production for the minimal operating cost of a spanner every so often.

Also, this coil uses the most abundant lucent gem. As the tools are not particularly great, this is one of the better uses outside of a block.

Edit: corrected typo

But if you want to colour say a smartstack of 900 blocks you would need to plant and harvest quite a few goo to be able to do so. And 900 is not all that much if you are at the stage that your builds are big…

Edited to add:
And yes, you can have more than 1 pigment drop from 1 plant but lose the the goo seed for sure, blabla, and since we more than likely got the goo seeds through mutation then it is a waste to lose it so I’m sure many people will try to at least get a chance to get some of the seeds back lowering the crop yield.

And in case you are wondering why mutation, well, goo takes on the colour of the rocks they are growing on, so if I wanted to use the goo colour as is I rather go smashy on the rocks and carry a few smartstacks of those back home…

I thought mutation was changed to work in gleam, but if goo replicates color from rock for 100% certainty goo farming just sounds much more easier to me :smiley:

I have been only been planting goo right now only to gleam to get different tints that I can later mix better and I have been happy how seeds and pigment has drop from my sample area.

I don’t see problem with goo seeds if exo planets with goo continue spawn same rate like after release of farming.

I meant goo found in the wild takes on the colour of the rock it’s found on.

So if you’re not gonna use it it to mutate it why bother with the goo when you can carry back many stacks of the same colour…

One pigment to create one spray can to colour ONE block…

Like I said since it’s unlikely you gonna use the goo as is since it would be easier to farm the rocks of the same colour from the exo they spawned on you more than likely took one or more steps to mutate it to a colour of your choosing which will not be a 100% guarantee to have worked and might even need several steps all to get one pigment for one spray can to colour one block…

I do see a problem… So far it seems way too much work for what you are getting…

Personally I would use it for mutating, but if I wouldn’t I could still grow it and then use it on mixing process so that it doesn’t affect output color but increases spray gain.

See second part of the reply… On phone don’t type as fast :slight_smile:

Can’t spray anything ‘gleam’ so sad :frowning: Was going to farm black gleam this way…