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Thanks, appreciate it!! :grinning::+1:

A few tokens up now… this is just sort of funny, the censor doesn’t like VIII and T7 and the U right together… guess it figures I’m trying to draw a certain body part, that’s my only guess? :rofl: Otherwise I’m at a loss on this one, lol.


Had the same issue and spent like 20 mins trying to figure it out… ended up just using Pii :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For anyone who may be interested - Illuminaughty (iLLn) has an “exo-info-shuttle” channel in discord now.

This can be used to discuss exo locations, info, and questions, ride requests, ride offers/invites, etc.

If you want to join the channel, you can join iLLn’s discord (I hope) with this link:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I will probably post this on each exo’s forum page (only once) for a while, just so people know about it. It’s not intended as any sort of “guild advertisement,” nor is it at all intended to replace the forums or the exo shuttle guild/chat in-game - just to be another helpful resource for anyone who wants/needs a more reliable/responsive chat.

I hope that others may find this helpful as well.

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Auf welcher höhe findet man umbriss sehr wahrscheinlich?

Any GLACIER, MOULD, or SPONGE found on this planet by anyone? If so, if you have locations, I would be ever so grateful. <3 thank you!

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