Pioneer, Master and Oortian rewards

I feel after the increase in rewards for the higher tiers the reward for upgrading from wayfarer to pioneer, from pioneer to master and from master to Oortian is not very high.

Just looking at upgrading from wayfarer to pioneer.

If you bought 2 wayfarer tiers instead of 1 pioneer you would pay €45 less and the only difference would be that you get another title and 25% beacon less.

The difference only becomes more obvious for the higher tiers.

Would it be possible to make some higher rewards for these tiers?

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What sort of things would you like to see in those tiers?

Oh god why all these hard questions? :anguished:

Well let me think about that for a bit. Not that it is going to affect me I am wayfarer and I am probably going to stay there. :smiley:

Got ya there, didn’t I :wink:

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So this is the hard part anyone else who have good ideas while I am doing my brainstorm?

As a master, I’d be in favor of seeing some vanity items for the top tiers. Some awe inspiring effects or access to items that let every body who sees you know even from a distance “we got us a bad ass over here”. Perhaps unique weapon or tool modifyers with neat particle effect only available to them. Maybe a unique block to crown their builds with?

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That is basically what I got to, :slight_smile:

Vanity is a great way to reward backers without breaking game balance, and it should not be to hard to do. If you are going to use the GW2 color system maybe special backer colors and so on would be cool too.

Oh and maybe add something like design a creature or design a monument/structure to the Oortian.

Name a race?

Create an artifact?


As much as i like the idea it would probably end with some quite strange named races.

So… you want to have over 500 Races? Well I do like being abel to choose of some Races but over 500 are a lot of Races…

But for the Oortarian it would be nice if yu did mean that.

If it’s for the Oortarian, thats not an Bad Idea. Noone does pay 4500 bucks to give an race an dump name, and if they do, they have the right to for 4500 bucks ^^

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I think one thing that would be cool would be having increasing particle effects for each tier, something like “You are blessed by the gods of Oort”

@alexanderyou That sounds nice, but isn’t that leading to homosexual twilight vampires? :smiley:

Ooooh, creating an artifact would be very appropriate for the oortian tier! Could be worked into the lore nicely.

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My suggestion in the past was to move the item creation to master level since world creation is now available to nearly everyone, and come up with a new top tier benefit.


I KNOW MUGS AND TSHIRTS IN THE HIGHER TIERS, OH AND POSTERS SIGNED BY YA GUYS sorry about caps but its just an idea you know collectors items…


When I discussed this issue with James in the past he said they dont want to do physical goods because of the time and money, and it’s only for a few.

Which really means it would have to be in game. The problem with in game stuff. Is that its really hard to convince someone to cough up that much without having it effect game balance. Which personally I don’t want to see. The beacon bonus is already pushing the bounds in my mind. I realize those interested in PVE could careless, but those that do plan for PVP don’t want to hear ■■■■ like whaaa your a Master…


yeah i know what you mean cause i wouldnt like to be there new to the game wanting to pvp but then this oortian comes over with boss limited to that rank weaponry which is over powered, as that would be unfair

but honestly to me the oortian rank looks like something a clan would buy

So starting from adventurer maybe?:

  • Some kind of particle effect based on backer level.

For the three top tiers:

  • Add Some vanity items
  • Special colors if GW2 color system is used.

For Master:

  • Add design item
  • Maybe add another design something

For Oortian:

  • Add a few design something
  • Name a race

Different things that can be designed:

  • Monuments/structures
  • Creatures
  • Artifacts
  • Titans
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Yeah, The idea of moving Item creation to Master is that item can be made by all players. So it does not give individuals an advantage but it’s cost can be covered by 1K dollars.

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