Place for keeping track of current Exoworlds

Is there a place (a site or a forum post) I can bookmark to keep track of the exoworlds that are in game at a particular time?

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I believe this is the mega thread for the exo worlds


gorilla has been keeping this up to date:


Also PS has a bot for this. …Because they’re awesome.


I am posting to add some hope to folks who have a hard time getting to an Exo planet. I was able to warp to Colus Te just on a whim. It only cost me about 980c. I really didn’t know what to do when I got there, so I did what I always do when I am confused, I mine. I got a lot of copper but got no special materials. I saw Colus Te from Lutrion, where I was farming surface resources. I realize now that I just did not dig deep enough because I was freaked out by all the lava. I will do better next time.

I forgot to mention that my closest hop was from Boori. You just have to investigate which planet will give you the most cost effective warp price. And you still have to extend your warp capabilities.

This is exactly what I was looking for, many thanks!

there is no special materials on tier 4 worlds(they are found on tier 7 and higher world), they are mostly here to get a block color that the permanent planet do not have. But they can have some special attribute, like this one had a huge amount of iron and copper.

that was the problem for me. I realized that when I got there, and I didn’t think the trip was worth all the effort I put into it. Since I have no desire to go to the tier 7 planets anyway, I will just keep playing my game the way I have been.