Planet inspired paintings updates!


I am so inspired by all the colors in this game! I am doing a series of paintings inspired by Boundless planets. I chose Biitula as my first color palette. Here is the creation video of the first painting: Update -new paintings posted in comments: Boori (11/16); Besevrona (11/17) Grovidias Te (11/30)


I am going to do at least one each week. If you have any planet requests, let me know! :blossom:Snapshot_69


Holy wow that’s beautiful!!!

You have talent! :grin:


Thank you. I really love this technique!! This is going to be a fun series :slight_smile:

Nice pants, btw.


just brilliant!
can you do boori?


May I ask what technique it is?
It reminds me of the nail art drops of polish in water to create layers.

(Edit: wait. I’ll just watch the video. My bad!)



Lambolis would be a trip


Ok, I watched. And just… wow. I guess it kinda was layers. I panicked a little when you flipped the cups! Thought they’d all get mixed up!
So beautiful.
Is it an oil-based acrylic?


I love Boori! I will definitely do that one! Pretty palette!


yessss - boori pretty please! i’m in love with that planet and have my main base there :heart_eyes:

I wonder what will it look like in your impression :sunglasses:


It is exciting to flip the cup every time! Never know what is going to happen :slight_smile:

I use regular acrylic paint that has been thinned down. The effects come from the different paint densities (heavier pigments sink), plus some magic ingredients and a bit of heat. I have other videos that walk step by step through the process and explain all the materials I use.


Ooooo… very nice! :grin:


Wow! I just want to say that the Boundless community is truly better for someone like you contributing original art inspired by the game!

If you ever want to sell your art on Etsy or something similar please post a link here, or even PM me and I would gladly buy one of your pieces!


Thank you!! I wish I could play the game, but at least I can still play with the colors!

My etsy store is I only have about 7 paintings listed right now. I will be listing all the planet paintings as they dry <3 I do commissions too <3


Just finished mixing some Boori colors! :grin:


Looking forward to seeing the outcome! The first one looks amazing!


That is really cool!


Here is the Boori inspired painting! Video up on instagram here -

It is hard to get all the colors in without the paint blending too much. I wanted a lot of light blue, but it has the colors of the trees, grass, foliage, and a few other blocks ( :slight_smile:


Stretchious - THANK YOU for the amazing resource you provide in boundlesscrafting!! Since I can’t play, I absolutely could not do these paintings without your site. :sunflower:


Absolutely my pleasure! I love seeing the colour schemes come to life in your paintings!


Try besevrona I think that It would look really cool