Planet inspired paintings updates!


I did my take on Besevrona colors today! I mixed too much paint, so I did a couple.


Try alnitans


I really like the underlined contrasting black layer making the other colors pop out at you! AMAZING WORK!!!


Thank you! I like the black, but it is actually a bit of a mistake! I thought one of the rocks on Besevrona was black based on a screenshot I found. But, the black rock next to the foliage is actually a placeholder for the third foliage I realize.


This is beautiful!


This one was inspired by Grovidias Te colors! It is a different technique that I am learning. It requires a lot of white, so the colors got a bit muted. Gonna do more planets with this technique for sure!


Bob Ross called that a happy accident. :slight_smile:


Bob Ross is so awesome <3 Biv, I am working up to Lamblis! Those colors are a bit intimidating, but with this new resin technique I see more possibilities of it working!! :slight_smile:


Bob ross is my hero!


Boori finally on my wall.
Thank you Jen!


Wait a second here…we can buy these???

I love me some artwork adorning my walls!


Biitula please



Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!


Any chance you will be doing Tana VII?


Wow. These are unbelievable. I’ll be watching your Boundless projects. My wife and I have plenty of empty walls…