Planet Rotation? Visiting Comet?

I bet it has been suggested, but I was unable to find any information on it via my search.

I love the idea of a planet/comet coming into range of the ring planets and being available for a short time. These planets would have different colored dirt/leaves and would be a chance to explore/gather that resource.

It would be a fun chance to get excited about exploring and gathering new resources and having the planet ores/gems be a mystery! Maybe even mysterious gleam!

After the time, it would be out of range and all beacons/portals would stop functioning and it would no longer be available.

I know this would probably fit better after 1.0, but I think it would be super cool!


Maybe a cool idea for titan planets, maybe they could have super elliptical orbits so that they are rarely seen in the sky


Knowing my luck, I’d get trapped on the visiting comet and wouldn’t be able to come back for 6 months :smile:


That would be really cool, it could be an instant group thing where you have X amounts of hours in the campaign before the Titan planet leaves the orbit ending the event until the next rotation.