Planet Scans

I just ran through and scanned all the Sovereigns in TNT and all the T5s and T6s in TNT…

If anyone has a planet they would like me to scan please let me know. Just FYI this will updates the planet colors on BoundlessInfo so if you have visited any planets and the colors didn’t match with BoundlessInfo that is because the scan needed to be updated.

Just reach out if you need a scan.


I scanned all the sovereign planets in TNT Mega, all the T5’s and T6’s in TNT, GTG and @bucfanpaka planets so they should be updated on Boundless Info.

If you want your sovereign scanned to update the colors on Boundless Info please let me know and I will run out and scan it.


Thank you my friend

Ran through all the Sovs in TNT and the TNT Tier network and scanned GTG planets and all of @bucfanpaka planets.


BASH3, you can get to it via portal in my DK Mall shop or Tigg’s Ceph
FREE ASSANGE via Tigg’s Circ (via TNT Circ)

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Is anyone able to scan new sov world called ember off raxxa :heart: for a friend.

Running out there now sorry totally forgot…

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All good mate, your a legend I’ll let her know you scanned it.