Have an idea but I’m only one player… so it’d take me years to complete. Is anyone interested in making a planetarium…? Basically a 3d model of the planets, connected with spark conduit with blinksec to scale. Not all planets will be connected to every other planet because it’s just be a big mess that way but thinking a string of adjacent’ish planets and their adjacent planets.

Anybody down to try this?


I had a similar thought using atlases on plinths, setting everything into the ground and putting the spark cord under glass so it’s easy to run around on. I just wouldn’t have a clue as to how to go about laying them out … plus I haven’t got the time to devote to it. Would be a great project though :grin:


I may try to sketch something out when I reach those retirement levels and thing slows down a bit. Thinking a totally dark room with a single piece of gleam floating in 3-D space for each planet, the color gleam of each planet.


thats actually a great idea

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I have already started a planetarium and observatory on alnitans about halfway done :slight_smile: called Portalis

Come check it out when you have time :slight_smile: haven’t put up and of the interior yet, but I just got enough machine iron to start the bass of the observatory telescope. And I got enough white rock for the outside and black rock for the inside similar to Griffith observatory :slight_smile: I think it will look pretty cool


Sounds awesome! What’s the loc?

I am unable to log in for a few hours for coords, but when you exit the PS hub you will see a structure across the water on a peninsula with a half built white structure that is my observatory and planetarium. It will say dalrak as the warden. I’ll probably make a couple observatory’s nearby when I have more plots and I will need a lot of atlases to fill the planetarium but will look amazing when done i think

I was also think of making like a ‘space port’ so like a science center of sorts, might be neat.


I’m gonna build an underground ICBM silo eventually.

Nice, first oort military sighting that would be neat

The ambitious plan was to do it in a lava lake while preserving some lava blocks so there’s actual fire coming out of the rocket.

Nice, yeah I had the same idea for my alnitans planetarium plinth with atlas, but more of a ‘dark space’ room like the stars, am going to put a walkway in it that you can walk along to make it look like you are walking in the stars and between planets

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That would be neat, yeah lava would probably be best and give you a good effect

Removing enough lava cubes is a slow process though. Loong slow process.

Yeah, I have heard liquids are difficult, but the effect should be pretty cool

Coords are -1,486N 1,086E alt 65, on alnitans

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And now we need a suggestion about scaled Atlas Blocks!
I would like to create Map rooms… but with this small Atlasses it always looks cheap.
If we could create 1x1, 2x2, 4x4 or even bigger Atlasses as placable blocks, that would make it possible to create real Planetaria rooms.

I think it can be easy as it is for Warps and Portals.
Placing special Atlasblocks, it will shape into a ball if valid placed, then just apply an Atlas to it -> Taddaaa!

Yeah that would be awesome, I would definitely update my planetarium if that was put into the game, also a way to chisel down to smaller than 1/8th a block for accent gleam strips, would be great! Oh man, a cartography shop would be so neat! Now I’m stoked @Kralith!

Hey devs, now I’m super excited at the idea…is there any way we can get spherical and flat chartography maps?

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