Planets need a reboot?


Someone wanna fix lamblis and gloviathosa


I’ve been having connection issues on Gellis for the past hour or so. Stuck on a constant “Unplayable” connection.


I had some really weird connection issues on Circarpous I and Besevrona was unplayable.
Not sure what’s going on.


Yes planets are down lost all connections about 3 hours ago 5pm my time


thought it was just me. Visited a planet just now and lost all connection to the game. Hopefully resolved soon


I can travel between Angel 1 and Grovidias Te. Other US West and East planets only partially load. Finata wont load at all. Boori says it is offline.


I am having similar issues


Can’t really connect to Gellis either. The lag is a good opportunity to capture some selfies. I’m ready for gleambow racing. As you can see here, I’ve perfected running on air


please reboot the servers


Strangely it seems to only be affecting some players. I just ran through every planet in this list and had no issues :thinking:


things seemed to smooth out after a bit. Probably an ISP issue.


Had that too. Been terrible


I was clearing malurialakrib yesterday, the atlas would not tell me direction to go, so I would zigzag over all sections return to sanctum then go back to world for areas to show up on map. Horrible lag.


It seemed to effect players both on PC and PS4 last night. I personally, didn’t have any troubles. But others in our Duskmoor family did.
We were working on the city a bit, and my connection was fine, whereas another person’s connection was complete garbage. And they were just across town from me.

Elderscrolls online north American console login servers were all messed up too last night at the same time.

Anyone get a prognosis and diagnosis?


There have always been times where the EU servers are unplayable for some US players (and visa versa I think but not as bad). I haven’t seen it as bad as it was last night in a while though. I could not play the game last night because there was no way to get to where I needed to go from where I was without going through an EU world.


It was so bad at one point I could only go between Angel 1 and Grovidias Te. I couldn’t get to another US server. I am used to European servers being questionable at times, but it was a bit more than that last night.


It is horrible on ps4 today on gyosha option I just quit playing.