Planning on creating a new district for axon. I just need supplies

@krasniy is this ok with you? The resources I need are black and white building mats like brick and refined rock. K?

Sure… i can try to give you some blocks.

The Zebra district of axon. Made by Zebra Town from beckon and devoted to the best YT in the world! (Zebra Gamer. Hes the best YT ever!!!)

meet at tnt for spots?

meet at Portal Seekers Biitula? I need to friend you so I can put in a storage block to place your blocks in with advanced lock you can access…

My chat isnt working. i need to restart the game after sasquatch grapple contest

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im ready!
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meet met on Biitula at coords 151N and 1692E alt 68

K! but i cant see anyone there

Message when you are sranding next to me. Im away from computer screen for a short few minutes

Im standing there on road. Planet Biitula

im here
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enjoy…good luck

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