Planting on the smallest slope-chiseled block

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So, here is a block slope-chiseled to the smallest possible shape, so you can also see a block underneath:

STEP1: Tilling sloped mini-block. All good:

STEP2: Tilling the partially visible block below. All fine. Tilling (just like breaking) “sees” 2 blocks there and 2 separate actions are needed:

STEP3: Sowing crop on the sloped block. Hmmmm, looks like it covered both blocks in one go. Do I have just 1 block of crop now despite the fact there are 2 blocks there? Or is it just a matter of incorrect graphics, and crop only looks like it covered the block below as well?

STEP4: Double check. Attempting to sow on the partially-visible block below the sloped one. I get an error suggesting that the first sowing action covered both the top (sloped) and the bottom (partially visible) blocks.

Question: I am not sure if it’s intended behavior or a bug? Am I supposed to be able to sow only one crop here and not be able to sow the partially visible block below? Kinda makes sense that it’s not allowed to sow on a block that cannot be fully seen.
Posting this just in case.


Thr crops occupy a full block-space (unlike long-grass) so its impossible to have a crop on the ‘lower’ slope face here. For smoother rendering, if that lower slope face is connected and ‘suitable’ for the crop, it’ll render as though it’s growing on it too, and interactions (fertilizer/harvesting) will work on the lower face as well


thanks for confirming - that’s what I suspected, but wanted to be sure