Play some Snakeis! [Video]

##An smaller Project but hey it’s nice too! I guess… Thanks @Mittekemuisfor her help :3

#Klick here for the Video!

##Also tell me what should I “play” next? Pacman? Space Invaders?


hehehe, good work :clap: … Gleam is just perfect for such gaming :wink:

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Nice work again :smile:

I’d have said go for Pacman next. Moving 5 pieces at a time instead of 20+ would be easier :smiley:

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Why not pong :grinning: ?


I am at the Weekend, I just made this out of nowhere asked for help at 11 p.m. yesterday ^^ The Pacman Video should be longer, but yeah I’m not feeling like I have a right to say how long it should be, I dont do anthing but standig at one spot pressing F12 to make pictures in Steam :smiley:

My Elves do all the Work :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG! PONG! Because I’m not sure how to let the ball fly the diffrent angels. all I would know would be 0° 45° and 90° xD
That would be preatty Boring tho xD



Love that game too ^^ I made one of these myself * 3* I was very proud of it :blush:But yeah it was poorly made not even really programmed ^^ I guess I used the Game Maker? Yeah something like that. But I had fun with it for some days :stuck_out_tongue:

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I didn’t even know this had a name :confounded:

Minefield. lol


Well I´that would be a little bit hard. How should I do the Numbers with blocks? ^^ If you can tell me that I could make that this Weekend too because thats easy too ^^

Wha do you thing? Mybe with colored blocks as numbers? like blue stands for 1, green for 2, red for 3? Minefield has also color codes with each number if I remember right

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Ya, probably would be better to do certain colors for the numbers, lol