Player designed mini block props/tools. Potential professions

About me.

Hi i just recently found this very interesting game, currently it is looking like a truly interesting project and i am looking forward to future updates. The main thing about the game that really peaked my interest whas the clame that this will become a MMORPG, due to the fact that my tenage years have almost been completly devoted to fairly unknown game named World of Warcraft this truly makes me excited.

I also play a lot of Minecraft however ever since its release its development has slowed down alot so here is my attempt to give you a simple way to give the player base easy access to the tiny details will leaving developer mostly outside the process allowing you to focus on the larger picture

(English is not my first language so whenever i type “word” the word inside of the parentheses is a placeholder for a name/thing/word similar to the placeholder. and thanks google translate for all the help)

My thoughts.

The “System” i am currently thinking of is located in a menu such as your inventory menu. in the "System"s menu you will be able to create “Patterns” that will be assigned a “Cost”. To produce the item you will need to have the resources the “System” assigned as a “Cost” and also given access to the "Patterns"by the maker or made it yourself.

The “System” possesses five basic variables that with different restrictions can lay the foundation for a lot of different professions. The variables ar:

“Shape Limitations” (core function)

Purpose is fairly self explanatory and the primary limitation to what the player is aloud to do with the “System”. what will your creation do? is it a sword? a barrel? a book? a chair? The purpose decides what potential functions it will have in the game. what “Purpose” you are aloud to pick is decided by your profession, for example a scribe can’t make a sword.

Shape is also self explanatory, shape is represented by the mini blocks that the player decides to place, this is where the “System” gives the player to most freedom in his/her design allowing them to create the Tools/props they want to add to the game

The materials you are allowed to use is decided when you choose a “Purpose” for example you probably don’t want to use paper to make a sword or iron to make a book. The material should also be able to affect the shape of the object you are creating for example cloth should be thinner than stone.

"Shape Limitations" and "Scale"
this is where things start getting complicated to explain, “Scale” isn’t that hard ofcourse simply how large is the thing you ar creating in micro blocks compared to the real world of Oort but to explain the “Shape Limitations” i will need a example or two to make it simple to understand.

Lets say the player want to create a bow in my simplistic mind a bow consists of four diftent parts that all interlock in a chain, the handle the upper and lower “Twig” of metal/wood and the string so the “Shape Limitations” are these four arias were you have to/ can place materials.

Now let’s say the player want to create a bookshelf now the player will have a lot more freedom but there is still one limitation, you need to have spots to place the books. So this will instead give you two types of “Shape Limitations” one that needs to be empty for the books and a max aria that the bookshef can use.

the “Shape Limitations” is the core of the “System” and how the developers can add functions to the creations the player make, the handle of the bow gets used as a reference point for the character models hand, the “Twig” and string gets a animated bend will firing and the shelf aria can store books or “Patterns” the player want to save in a special place will the actual bookshelf only needs to get a hitbox.

now i think my time is up however if you want more of my thoughts or have a question please ask and i will try to explain further. however i will probably be back and explain more stuff in a day or two unless someone delete my post :stuck_out_tongue: