Player made world sharing

Well this is going to be a scramble of thoughts because im not sure what the best way of doing it is, so dont mind that

alright, basically its the idea for a site/program/whatever for sharing and finding player created worlds. its not needed now, but its going to be needed later, mainly tied into the fact that it is planned that you can play on private servers and the talk about daily/weekly worlds (which i think is amazing btw)

alright so the idea of the program/site is pretty simple. to give a good example on kinda how it would look like it would be something like this

im not sure how downloading servers will work, if you just download the file and you can open and play it alone as a test/private server so atm i will purely go from the point of weekly/daily worlds

The idea would work in a way that you could upload your file to the site/program, you can then attach pictures and write a description and tags (like Sand, Desert, Ocean, Forest) when other people enter the site then they can see the pictures and read the description, things i also think should be on the page would be

Views: amount of people who have viewed it

Rating: see how many liked the world

Rate up/down buttons, you can rate it up and down if you like it

Downloads: if they allow people to download the worlds privately then use that to see how many times it has been downloaded

Comments, being able to post a comment on it

Favorite: being able to favorite it so you can always find it under your profile.

Report: so you report it, if there is something wrong with it.

and then the coolest thing would be 3 badges and 3 more buttons

Daily world
Weekly world
Monthly world

badges, these would be tagged on the site if they were chosen a limited time official world.

Vote for daily world
Vote for weekly world
Vote for Monthly world

allow people to vote for the world to become one of those, the 10 with the most votes would be put on a special page and then people could vote which one of the 10 worlds they would like to see the most for one of the event worlds. the one with the most votes would win and would be used for that limited time world and the appropiate badge would be given, the thing about this would be you can only win 1 time for every limited event time, so a world can be a daily world once after that it cannot be voted for a daily world.

im not sure daily worlds would be a thing, although i hope it is, but in that case you would pick daily worlds for a week of time. so you pick 7 daily worlds to come for the next 7 days.

problem i could see with this is how the devs would judge which worlds would be gamebreaking and which wouldnt, for example a daily world which has mountains made of rare materials would not really fit in,

but yeah… i highly encourage the devs to do the daily/weekly worlds for several reasons including always having new stuff to see, being possible to find materials which might be almost non existant on your main world and the biggest reason is encouraging people to buy the collectors edition and submit worlds, making more money and happier players.

oh and lastly. if you make this system, make levels, give exp per view, like, download so on so forth, even if they doesnt do anything people will be much more engaged if they feel like they get something for making the worlds even when they are not used :smiley:

@james what have you guys thought about that would work kinda like this idea?

idea is not bad, but it cost too much time, to create something like this.
atm they need enough time for bug fixe and the many new patch they have planned and called.

maybe they can do it later.

yeah as i said. atm its not needed because we dont have private worlds or daily worlds, but there is going to be need for a way to share when those things get in :smile: