Player Shops

(Forgive me if this has already been addressed!)

Assuming there are no NPCs in Oort.

Just a thought, since there aren’t plans for NPCs at the moment, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to set up shops ourselves? Two possible applications:

  • Shop stall - a piece of furniture that can be crafted and installed (ideally) somewhere within your beacon. The shop lets you deposit items for other players to buy, whether you are there or not. Prices are set by the player (organic economy) OR by the devs (set economy).
  • Unlocked chest - a small chest that can be opened by anyone, no prices. You know, like a geocache. Something you could place at the top of a mountain and throw some supplies in for the next player to pass by.

We are going to have an organic economy if i remember correctly, if the devs set the prices the economy is not going to be very player driven.

Maybe thor can dig up the shop thread from the old forum, we had some interesting ideas there didn’t we?

I am on it :slight_smile:
Hmmm i can only seem to find one and there is only one post.

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I think we discussed all over the place xD Some of it should be in an NPC thread I think. But we can start here anew^^

Oh yeah i came up with an idea of hiring NPC’s as shopkeepers so your shop didn’t look empty. You pay the NPC a set amount of money for standing there per day and then people buy the items from him, if he doesn’t earn his pay you would need to do it yourself or attract more customers.


yes it was in the npc thread. i think we need both of the mentioned above. the ability to put up items for sale either in a box type or having an npc there for you.

for shops i would say you would just build one and then hopefully have a counter or something items that could be bought.

also placeable chests are planned

Npcs als shopkeepers would be great. May be you also could add Npcs for repairing items. So you could build repair shops in the wilds to get some money (if they are well placed) :wink:

nononon… they already said they wanted to steer away from npc’s. they should NOT be able to do the job of a player. that is why i say npc/box.

Right. This discussion is assuming no NPCs.

Player shop, I imagine it as a table surrounded with various goods. Maybe there’s a glowing Oort crystal on the table that acts as the focus, that’s what you click on to see what’s available/purchase/etc.

You could also set up a Wish List, so people can sell you stuff while you’re away. (“I want 4 wood, i’ll pay 20g each” – you leave 80g behind, and once you have 4, the listing disappears)


Yes this is also something that should be ingame,

so a box where you can deposit gold. you can place sell orders that when people buy the gold increase and buy orders that will decrease the gold amount.

and then i plan to have a bulleting board on the wall so people can leave notes on which items they would like to order.

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How about some type of Machine that repairs items it is nice to be able to go to a shop and get it done

Also players might want to leave there shop form time to time so maybe a smart bird/pet thing to run it? It can be paid by being taken care of

A mail system for requests sounds good :3
Like I put in a request for an item that’s 100 gold but offer 98 the crafter can counter and the gold is set in like a trust fund till I get my item and either party can back out at any time

Also a limit to a number of shops a player can have if there not making money then they should be moved

If you want a chain of shops then have a guild and set up a split

Also taxation sounds good to help towns run

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no to the mail system, if he lists and item for 100 gold pieces, you pay 100 gold pieces or leave, simple as that, you can barter if the person is actually on.

why would you limit the amount of shops? if he wants to build one in each city then let him. taxation shouldnt be a forced system ti should just be player controlled. if i own a city for example i would want it to be with other people and no tax, but if i rent a beacon i would ask for a weekly payment of some gold coins, if he doestn pay i would lock him out of the beacon and if he doesnt pay after a week i would tear down the house and rent the area to sombody else.

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I was saying for like custom made weapons that arnt made yet you can negotiate the terms

As for something marked then that’s a set price pay the gold you get the item

i said just a bulleting boards where people could leave notes, the smith can see what somebody wants and he can either decides if he want to do it or not, and then the person would later come pick up the item. it shouldnt be an automated system where either side is locked to anything, just a simple note. for example if you ask for a poison sword and will pay 100g and another person writes above that he would pay 120 g then i would give it to the other person.

Well taxation would be player controled it could just be a useful tool to help out city’s like if the provided a way of transportation or of shops are ok with paying 2% for taxes like in a guild town

Also 1 player managing 50 shops well there not going to be that good

You wouldn’t be locked you could walk away with your goods or gold at anytime it would just be away to stop scammers that are like give me the gold I’ll give you the gold once they get the gold they take off with gold and the item

Also the other thing would just be a mail service set up by player and they could have pets or something deliver the items or gold and get a commission that way there’s no issue with players being on at different times the crafters would still get paid when finished and the buy would still get there items because if I live in the US and you in England I’m sleeping when your up

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its called mutual trading mate.

but yeah a mail system with COA (cash on arrival) i think its called would also be awesome, but it would require you to be near a mailbox and it should take like an hour from being to the other person receives it.

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I also like the way of trading through a message like function. It’s like a fixed trading window: “I want item A and pay B for it, if you have A you can add it to the trading window and get B”. Such trades can work well with bulletin boards or with small chests. May be you as the first trader can set that the item is sent to you (for a fee).

I also like the user made tax. So guilds or groups can sum up an own group bank for collective aims and projects. That is a positive thing I also loved at Wildstar for example. There should not be a fixed tax by the game, cuz there are many other methods for lowering the total volume of gold ingame (death toll, repair costs, …).