Players using bots?


Found a couple of players named Dunedragon, Dragoon and Hackers just sitting using a plot claim item repeatedly for at least 10 minutes. That’s as long as I waited around for them to reply. Don’t know what they were doing but the house they were in was damaged and from appearances it looks like they’re trying to use some kind of exploit to steal the land from the owner. The owner of the house is xfirebird.

I could be wrong and it could be completely innocent but it’d be good if the devs could check on it. It’s on the planet Solum at 897N, 443E, Altitude 75.

The thing that makes me think something isn’t right is it doesn’t give me the ‘This is restricted - etc’ message when I press E on anything in the house.



They would just be afk with an autoclicker or something. They were probably attempting to claim a beacon that’s running out soon.


Or it could be the left click-bug when entering the game for the first time.


Could be, but @Dunedragon has been around a while :wink:


Indeed. How long they’ve been here doesn’t mean anything if they’ve just walked out of the sanctum after logging in and not changed their left hand item. I’ve been here even longer and one of my alts managed to eat a handful of cooked meat because I had to leave the computer after entering the world.

By the sounds of it, the beacon has expired and they’re trying to claim the land preventing world regeneration from further destroying it.

I had to to the same thing in my town, to try and save a friends beacon before he lost it all.


Isn’t that fixed since last patch?
I haven’t seen it in a while.


Maybe they were using the item to achieve the plot related feat?

Out of interest what are the rules on scripting/macroing? I ask as another game I’ve played were fine with it because it helped their disabled players enjoy the game.


3 players having the same bug at the same place at the same time? Possible? Sure. Probable? Not very.


Well I hope it is that, I’d much rather believe that they were trying to save a friend’s house than the alternative.


Dunedragon is a stand up member of the community!

I can basically guarantee there was no evil intent in whatever you think you saw.
As Dunedragon is not a thief he is the guy that will give you the shirt off his back to help you.

So I think its much more likely that they were attempting to save a friends plot that is expiring…
Rather then let world generation destroy it… This is not stealing its pretty much the total opposite!!!


Settle petal, I acknowledged it might be completely innocent in the first place.


You can clearly see the beacon is expiring…
Also each of them are in a different plot…
So when the beacon expires they both will claim the plot they are in thus saving the stuff from regenerating…
Also Dunedragon is the Warden of Aquatopia the place this is taking place so maybe the expiring beacon plus the big Print on your screen telling you he is the warden of the town your in might clue you in too some of this…


A little of Topic, but…
As a Player that Salvages Wild Claims a Lot, is it a Unwanted Thing to do? I thought its one of the Game Mechanics O_o

And to Topic… Dunedragon is one of @the-moebius Mates, even if they exploited the Game, they never would intentionally hurt the Game or the Players with that behaviour, and probably get with the stuff they found to the devs :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s absolutely the mechanics. You are free to take whatever. I can find no issue with this, even if they aren’t planning on saving the plots


Aiight, was shocked for a Moment ;)… Don’t wanna be griefing the whole time without knowing xD


Did one of my beacons expire on me or is it someone else you are referring to.


Not yours, don’t worry :wink:


Sweet. Thought i screwed up for a second. Pure moment of minor panic.


The issue here has nothing to do with who is doing it or what is happening.

It is the ability that the game can be taken advantage of and exploited by software outside of the game. Having this ability will just create scenarios where people will take advantage of things and create another example of an unfair game environment.

People should not be in game while AFK and using scripting programs / bots outside of the game. That is exploiting the game and cheating.


There is no issue here.
Boundless doesn’t have any mechanics that players can take a major advantage of by afking or using macros.
I think it’s fine. If it allows disabled people to play a game then I wouldn’t want to rule them out or restrict EVERYBODY just because of a couple bad apples.
besides these players are not bad apples!