Players using bots?


no, I still get it all the time closing menus and such


Ok… I will just fill my inventory up with hammers and set my script up to hit rocks and move forward in wild land racking up the XP and levels while AFK. Sure lets just exploit all over the place to get easy XP.

Kind of makes sense how some players seem to be making many levels each day past 50…

Disabled people, fan boy mentality, and players with or without integrity again has nothing to do with exploit potential and how developers handle that. So there is an issue with the game that the developers do need to put on their list to consider how they address it. It is called being an application programer and making sure you develop a solid game with limited exploit potential.


yes I am trying to save this build for xfirebird his beacon is going wild as I have save many build here in aquatopia and thay are on hold if thr owners come back.but others are here trying to loot so all I can save is his storage at the moment if I can. hackers is here and dragoon trying to get it.


Really? steal OMG there is no way to steal and if there was I would not do it.The beacon is going wild just trying to save what I can oh and I’m not using a bot WT


and, even if you were stealing (salvaging), it would still be fine :slight_smile:


Because HE IS A BOT!


I know its part of the game and its called selvage not stealing.


I am Groot :slight_smile:


I like raiding wild places. One of the few reasons why I explore the wilderness :sweat_smile:(+_+)

I missed the day of the dead beacons so now I have to catch up.


Oh yes the week of the hunt. beacons endangered species.The memories


yes dune is the main reason aquatopia has always spot for new players to offer we try to reclaim any spot that goes wild to reuse it and give to new players if ya sees dune storage i dont think he needs more stuff hahaha
and this is a big job since we have been noticing people being like profesional reclaimers so we need to camp sometimes
dune should be praised for doing this :slight_smile: before we let it go wild and did not interfere people destroy the homes if we reclaim we can offer new players homes that just need remoddeling :slight_smile: this curent spot was a shop spot on our market place also people can put us on the beacons then we just come and stick fuel in it when we notice it also joining our discord is handy for us to track you down and try inform people


its true hahahah dunebot 2000 perfect for running big towns :smile:


I was going to say… if you’re looting a wild build you usually dont bother setting up the beacon and replotting the whole build, you just help mother nature out a bit with pro-active regeneration.

I don’t think there’s a way to take someone else’s plotted land by spamplotting or such. As for bot usage, I regularly die with my non-hunter characters if i venture out, while cautious, awake, and with intact fight or flight responses.

If anyone can put a bot into the open, teach it to feed itself, not fill up its inventory (or even better discard unwanted drops) avoid lava lakes, creatures, and still make xp… well then i think that bot deserves a medal. That would be more impressive than cheaty to me


I’ve tried the afk miner idea before to simply test it’s viability.

I gave it 5 tries, getting no more than 3-5 minutes each times before making my way down to lava and burning to death. Also, navigation out of sanctuary back to the planet requires manual input. It’s not worth trying.


I assume this was in response to my comment… going horizontal and not vertical is what I meant. Overall there are many scenarios that could be used, hence why at least some effort by the developers should be put into finding ways to stop the possible exploit, etc. at some point in the game development.


Yeah it wasn’t in response to your comment, I did this back in the power flower exploit days. That was horizontal mining. The cave systems are so dense and complex, that invariably you end up stepping closer and closer to lava level till eventually you fall in.
Edit: I’ve not tried it since the energy update, but I imagine that further complicates things.


And if holding the left mouse key down is a bot then by all means nerf it. :slight_smile:


Gonna be hard to prevent this bot:


Not boting just haveing a friend help out. (yoda)


who me?dog%20mouse