Players using bots?


poorman bots on sale
also whats with the fullstacks off hamer use a totem its indestructable @Xaldafax :wink:
i agree on ya point btw just havin a laugh :slight_smile: i think the game is bottable if ya take your time you can create a autominer for sure but it will take some mayor programming the out off fuel beacon part is a game mecanic thats a good thing i still remember the pain off staring 6months at a graybox saying beacon with a craftingtable on top off it unused this mecanic is a big component in keeping a place maintained and active but auto mining auto gathering should be scanned and banned


Moeb, I sell those at my place of work. hahahahah

I am not sure if it’s even worth doing with how fast tools can swing with max Action Speed and how 3x3 block breaking will be a thing soon.

I guess it’s worth trying. Not like it’s any kind of cheating or exploiting. Although, with an Atlas you’re able to pop in certain items in your locations that you mine at and just collect away in a straight line without worrying about falling into lava. I have a few places I mine at that offer specifically that. :slight_smile:


It should be possible to build a bot, but it would need to be more advanced. If you have mapped the region you could avoid lava since the world regenerates in the same way every time. So just let the bot dig in safe locations. I am sure we will see this if Boundless gets popular enough.


Ah yeah my shop is right next to firebirds there and Dragoon and Hacker had been there for a long while and then Dunedragon showed up, I was so confused :joy:


lolz if they are your friend ingame ya can move em to the forest with grapple
if they run they human :smile:


No they’re not lol, they’re still sitting here in the same spot i found em in like three days ago. Hacker has a beacon on the ground next to the shop but the beacon still says that it’s Firebird’s though it’s running out of fuel.


atleast dunebot 2000 is human he goes to sleep sometimes :joy:


Haha yeah looks like Hacker’s about to die if he doesn’t get any rest soon


did someone tryd this @xFirebird lolz


you could lure a spitter in or something:joy:


You guys can have it no worries, 2nd time i’ve built up stuff from the ground up. The game doesn’t have enough to keep me interested i’m afraid =(

Should be 4 or 5 hundred gems in there, plus tons of other stuff.

Should make someone happy =D