Please add one more row of inventory space


This is why I started using a wayfarer totem as my loot stick with light. The rest of that stack has a solidifier in there, the other 7 are plain wayfarer totems that I use to build with on low level planets. It one hits everything, no need for 3 different tools!

Shame they aren’t that easy to forge otherwise I would churn out a bunch of 3x3 wayfarer totems and some of them as well.

But with all the new things being added I also carry a liquid breaker, always carry 3x3 hammers (on low lvl planet still gem ones, the ones that didn’t quite make the cut to be sold for T5 but do well enuff on lower level ones), 1 stack of iron block changers, now also some lattice chisels, 2 stacks of metal alloy chisels, food, brews, grapple, it adds up quickly!!!


Well actually doesn’t matter if u use space because u reloading over a dozen portals before u change beacons…then u can just have hammer


Just asked for this 11 days ago and they have added more stuff since then. I hope they read these posts and give another row.


I’m sure this is unpopular, but as someone who played Runescape for a considerable time, I think what we’ve got for inventory spaces is plenty sufficient, even as more items are added.

Part of the fun (and balancing) was in using what little inventory space that you had as efficiently as possible. You couldn’t take every little thing that you might want. Just like how forging works right now.

I’d say it’d definitely be better to draw a line in the sand with inventory space. Otherwise, the game will always have people clamouring for ‘just a little bit more’ because all of the things they want to do (all at once) doesn’t fit into what they’ve got available. Whatever they currently have will never be enough.

Personally, the biggest change I’d like to see is if they made the toolbar wheels store items instead of just acting as shortcuts to access things in your inventory.


An Ender Chest mechanic of some sort would be great, if we could at least have access to one storage chest at home while we’re out and about. Basically a storage device that we plant and open, but it’s a private 2nd set of inventory slots bound to your character. If you plant 10 side by side and open all 10, they’d all have the exact same contents.


That would be cool … it also wouldn’t wouldn’t require a GUI change :smiley:


Same, except i use regular totems since i can’t make the wayfarer. Keep my gleambow totem forged with magnet/light, solidifier, warp augments slotted in the other totems, and one or two with revive augment.

I would love this. I forged a blink hammer lootstick but cant justify it occupying a space in my inventory since i only use gem hammers.


I approve we need more storage


back in my day we only had 2 rows


Found your Backpack…


Yes! Backpacks!!!


It’s so beauuuuuuutiful!


I like the thought of my character grabbing a sack of warp stones or a food bundle. Not literally, just in the sense that you’d likely do this were you carrying these things while backpacking.

Immersion-wise nothing prevents stacking of misc tools of the same type but different materials. I assume it’s either technical or a vestige of logical organization. Imagining wearing a tool belt or unrolling a leather-bound chisel case is great for the immersion factor.

I believe any or all of these would be a welcome addition to the game. I put them in order of my favorites. I think these serve as a compromise to just adding more storage. In effect, it makes storage more efficient without overbalancing it the way of being able to hold everything all the time.


Wouldnt wear that irl but in Boundless, hell id do it :joy:.


I would totally carry that, haha. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And yep, definitely more inventory space would be great, mainly for exos, given the cost of the trip being able to carry back more stuff per trip would be good.