Please consider tapatalk support in the forums

The web pages are not working out very good on mobile devices. Many other sites, including games support tapatalk and it is really easy to use on mobile.

Either way… just a request.

Huh? that’s strange most of the mobile users i have chatted with was mostly happy with the discourse format?

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My text gets all jumbled up with images and long forum topic titles take up and entire screen. Also, I get no notifications, so I have to use the web browser constantly. Using a web browser on a phone is very painful to begin with.

I have no problems on my ipad with any of the problems. how else would you go to forums without entering it from a browser?

I am using a smart phone, not a tablet. And fully integrates with the phones features.

then why not just not use the forums when you are not at your pc?

Oh well. in the end it doesnt matter as long as it doesnt mess up how it works on pc.

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Because I think the game is really cool and I want to be involved with it more often than when I am at my PC. :smile:

Most forums, already have this feature or a patch for it. It should not be a big deal, but I have never seen this particular forum before, so maybe not. Like I said, either way…It can’t hurt to ask.


The discourse model doesn’t have it because it is supposed to work just as well on mobile platforms, which is why i think this is a bit strange that it doesn’t work for you.

Born mobile, born to touch
Discourse was designed from day one for high resolution touch devices, and has a built in mobile layout.
Move back and forth freely between your laptop, your tablet, and your smartphone without constantly being told: this site has an app, do you want it?


Every forum developer says that same thing. I think it is a bit of a turf war for them. They refuse to think about what is best for the users.

Here is the patch for this forum

The difference is that up until now the only recurring problem i have heard from mobile users about the discourse was that quoting gets kinda buggy on mobile and that PM’s starts to bug out after 5000 posts.

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I do the majority of my forum browsing on my Samsung galaxy s2 with no problem. Perhaps your web app is not supported? I’m using chrome and I get excellent results; no jumbling or broken buttons and I always get notifications.

The only problem I have with this discourse forum (PC and mobile) is that clicking on a topic to read, you have to actually click the text area rather than anywhere within the cell (which makes it a bit more annoying on mobile). (S4 mini, default browser)

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Default browser? Eeew!

I tried chrome on my phone, but it was rendering a load of websites at the time badly so went back to default

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Forums work great on Chrome, Nexus 5.

I could make an overwhelmingly convincing argument about how the current integration of web browsers with mobile devices gives applications like tapatalk an undeniable trump card including notification, fonts and battery life. Even if this forum technology was the best known to man, it cannot compete with a native mobile application on a mobile device. In a strange bit of irony, the disparity is like comparing text-mode gopher to a graphical web browser. Anyone that has actually used tapatalk would know to not even begin the debate with “it works great in a web browser.”

I design and implement very advanced web sites and web services on mobile devices for a living. So, I love the web and believe it will eventually rule the world. The biggest problem with the web is that it has 1 ton self imposed handcuffs, because shameless hackers, crooks and con artists are trying to take advantage of every hole.

Alas, this is not the time nor place for such an argument to be made. My request was nothing more than a request. I would prefer game features over forum features anyway. :slight_smile:

Mobile support on my phone (iPhone 5) is actually pretty good - one of the reasons why we selected Discourse in the first place. But as you comment, native notifications are missing, etc - so it’s defective as a first class app experience. (Sadly platform owners don’t see web apps, or apps created with web technologies as first class citizens in their app ecosystems and platform APIs.) Btw Discourse currently considers email notifications a sufficient notification solution for mobile.

If we can find an up-to-date Tapatalk plugin for Discourse and it’s painless to deploy then I’m definitely happy to give it a try. People have requested Tapatalk support in the past. And I see this forum and the community as a whole as an extension of the core OO product: it’s an MMO, it’s online, it’ll succeed because of it’s community, so we need to enable that community and that means mobile when outside the game.

But as you also comment, I also want to avoid spending any real development time on adding or significantly patching Tapatalk support for Discourse.

Maybe we should be pestering Tapatalk to support Discourse out of the box?

I’ve taken a quick look at the github project - and it’s looking a little incomplete and probably out of date. I’ll get an elf to check.


A sincere thank you James! I have no wish to rock the boat. :slight_smile:

Bah! We only like boat rockers around here. We’ll achieve nothing with the status quo. :rowboat: