Please explain

I have an little issue understanding advanced power coils.

As description says it reduces spark coast

First I have unfinished setup of refinery 18 coils

spark coast for mass craft is 18,700

and then I have setup of 24 coils

and it also says 18.700

same with mixer. 24 coils and 12 coils spark coast difference is funny ![20190627023757_1|690x388]
24 coils

and 12 coils

The spark/power cost decrease per coil decreases on a curve depending on how many coils you have over the power requirement for the recipe.

After something like 16 coils over the recipe requirement the amount gets too small to notice.

If you want to see a decrease between 20 and 24 coils you need to be looking at a recipe that requires 3000 power.

There’s a chart somewhere on the forum but, it’s pretty buried by now.

Because at a certain point you are overpowering the machine and get no benefits from it. Only machine that actually needs 7200 power is the centraforge

That’s actually news to me. I always knew it as after 12 adv coils you get no benefit. And that’s posted on the forums a lot

ah, thanks, I tought it just reduces spark coasts per placed coil but seems things are a bit deeper.

There’s some older information there and the chart in the second post I think still applies, or at least this is the most useful data I’ve seen on it.

When I build my shop I just planned for 10 coils per machine so sometimes I really feel the difference now that I craft more high end and deco stuff.

Useally the best way for me to see dimishing Returns is in the time you Need to craft certain Things. After a given number of Coils the reductions are not even seconds anymore for some items.