Please fix "fall damage" it's very broken when you have a bit high health and high agility


Constantly loose 5-10% hitpoints just running around, not falling down or anything. Forget about dangerous monsters, they arent that dangerous in comparison to the insane impact damage. It’s game breaking, but not really something that affects you until you begin to get a blue health bar and high agility. But then it gets bad. You never know when it’s going to happen, you cant avoid it unless you move really slowly around, which completely destroys the point of having high agility for fast speed.

Wasting health brews healing up every ~15 min just because of this :frowning:

Are devs working on fixing this? Does devs acknowledge there is a problem with fall/impact damage?


They acknowledged it, but it’s been over 5 months. I hope they prioritize it soon, I’m really tired of it and so are many others.


Funny this post crops up after we had just talked about it again today :joy:

One day the ‘fall’ damage will be addressed and I’ll become a 3D voxel artist :woman_artist: :laughing: