Please please please help

the mountain in the background where the light is has to go, who wants to help pretty please?


whats the server? I have time :smiley:

@ben @james we need better tools :slight_smile: or the ability to mine stuff faster

please! :sob:


You built this? Its awesome :smiley:

It is indeed :smiley: wanna come and help (Please :sob: )

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thank yo :smile:

what server?

Trust me, i’d love to. But I dont have my good pc now :confused:

I am stuck on “waiting for handshake”. I just try to wait :confused:

I have the same problem, log out and back in and use esc instead of “p”

What do you expect here? A titan to come and helpfully level it?

Well first you’d need to get its attention, then you’d need to get it angry… :dragon:


I’ll cook jummy Jamsie meat and put it inside so he needs to come and get it :wink:

@Predatoxic @Sequell @Zouls Thanks a billion for the help guys!!

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what time tomorrow?

I usually start around 7:30am CET :smiley:

k see you then :slight_smile:

oh but it’s such a pretty hill. Couldn’t you just build onto it?

I can help…what server? what is your location? the capital?


tried to join but it doesnt load again. I just wait some times till it hopefully works again.

same as yesterday doesn’t help?