Please Remove Crit From Bombs on Blocks

Criticals are absolutely useless for bomb mining and actually a hinderance. Sure I can see how crits are great for healing bombs or maybe even mobs but a crit can destroy whatever you are mining.

Also, as a bomb miner I would like to be able to put points into agility. Tired of walking slow. Can’t though because high agility ruins bomb mining.


Bomb mining isn’t supposed to be a thing. You mine with bombs, you deal with the crits bruv. Sorry.

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well, the critting is a risk in bomb mining. I would still say “Bombmining IS supposed to be a thing”, but It’s kinda more complex then just “yeah, I take a sack of these and find a fortune within no time”. If you dislike the crits use bombs with lower crit rating or reduce your agility.

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure bomb mining is an exploit, not a feature.

Mix in a good hammer

Bomb mining is absolutely supposed to be a thing. You think it was an oversight on the developer’s end that bomb mining would come from bombs being able to destroy blocks? They’re smarter than you give them credit for.


Lot of trolls since release. Or just dumb people. Don’t know which.

The last time I checked, game devs added these mechanics to enhance the game, not detract from it. Why else would there be skills you can buy to increase crits? Why are there not skills to instead decrease crits? Writing off a bad mechanic as “deal wit it bruh” is just lazy, and dumb. Spamming the forums to get your post count up?


You should relax Mr. TheNinja, maybe drink some herbal tea.

If bomb mining was supposed to replace hammers, there wouldn’t be high level hammers.

Just because bombs harvest blocks doesn’t mean you are meant to use this method over hammers. Between the crit and drastically lowering experience, it sounds like they are even trying to nerf it.

If I was the developer, I would have bombs destroy anything except for common blocks.

This is all just my opinion, of course.

I don’t see it as a replacement, I see it as a preference. Some people might prefer banging hammers some might prefer hanging on ceilings dropping bombs.

But… having to adjust your skills every time you switch bombs just comes off as a way to cash in on cleanse point microtransactions.


I use both cuz both mechanics of mining has their advances. Bomb mining is a thing like hammer mining. Take it as a part of the sandbox experience :wink:


There is no need to be rude and patronizing to a stranger simply because you disagree with them. I’d appreciate you refraining from opening up a dialogue with me in the same manner from now on.

Bomb mining isn’t a replacement to hammers. Bomb mining is supplementary to hammers. I think they go hand-in-hand rather nicely. Bomb mining is a better way to get underground resources, while hammer mining–especially once you get gem AOE hammers–is better for experience and gathering stone and such. You also kind of wouldn’t be able to get the resources from bomb mining without hammers.

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Because using hammers takes too long and you would like an exploit around it.

As you just mentioned, They make it a point to make it hard to switch bombs…almost as if they don’t want you to.

They have the a long progression of skills set up to urge you to use hammers. How many points do they dedicate to that, 20? 25?

Just from my experience with other games, this has all the hallmarks of an exploit that was an unexpected consequence. I expect them to nerf it further in the future, especially as there are more players fighting for resources.

You were the one being a jerk to me, I was trying to interject some levity. Nothing in my posts have been hostile.

Kumbaja folks … don’t start the pro and contra discussion again. I know, I also have fallen into this trap again.

Here is what the devs said (by steggs): Hey Venuil, I wouldn’t say it’s an endorsement, it’s just a fact that they are good for mining in their current state. We want to keep bomb mining in as an option for players because we believe it’s pretty fun, but we don’t want it to make hammers obsolete, so we are looking at some potential changes for them. :slight_smile:

The first change came, so let’s live with it now :wink:


Uh… they have an equal amount of points dedicated to bombs. Also… bombs are harder to make and don’t last as long.

“Using bombs is an exploit”. Lol. I have heard it all now.

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I was not speaking to you. I was speaking to wolfpack. Had I been speaking to you, you are assuming I was being a jerk when that was not my intention. My apologies for how my statement came off. However, you were very blatantly patronizing, and that doesn’t go over well with anyone.

Also, what TheBirne said: Steggs himself mentioned that they want to keep bomb mining. They simply balanced it a bit with the last patch. I see some good hammer buffs in the future.

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Guy, using bombs is an exploit. Cut it out right now or you might be banneded!!!111oneone

naaaah, didn’t got the reference of that last post … sorry ^^ to late at my place it seems ^^

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@PendragonTheNinja, that wasn’t meant to be patronizing and I thought you were jumping on my case. My apologies.

I didn’t mean to add to the hostility, I will bail on the thread.

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Typing over the internet is a very low form of human interaction, and easily causes misunderstandings. I’m not upset with you. And I think it’s good for all us to have this conversation. I know not everybody agrees with bomb mining, but it seems the devs themselves aren’t totally against it. Only time will tell how things progress and balance from here on out.


100% , use Jiivita’s calculator

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