Please Remove Crit From Bombs on Blocks

James admitted himself that they didn’t mean bombs to be used for mining. Players’ creativity surprised them.
The decision was to let it be, the only issue being the right balance.


And the only reason bomb mining is a thing is because it was discovered as a possibility less then a few months ago. They didn’t have time to do anything about it with the launch. I personally dislike bomb mining cause it leaves annoying holes to have to hop through and completely destroys rocks that could be used for lots of crafts.

I respectfully disagree. It was around last year but the fad began early this year where people actually knew how to use it properly. Before people knew better they would toss 10-15 bombs and get the same results.

The second reason I disagree is that it would have taken literally no time to take away impulse resistance from ore and only leaving it only on rock/earth. This would have been an absolute fix and would have made their intentions clear. Instead they let the community decide.

+100 to the right balance.

It certainly does seem as though the worlds are running out of rock. :wink:

They are when everyone is bomb mining and there isn’t much rock being gathered :wink:

So I think hammer mining should be banned too. Often when I have full inventory and I dig through rock I left those mined rocks behind…