Please remove hunger sound from the game


Can you please remove the hunger sound from the game? It really is difficult to deal with especially when a character, like a crafter, can exist without fulfilling their hunger. Or, at least change the interval to once every five minutes. The game is almost unbearable right now without turning off the sound effects.


That sounds more like you need more drawbacks from starving, if there is no need to eat. :wink:


You get penalized 85% of your stamina which is a big drawback. A crafting character does no activities that require stamina. “Select recipe and go.” But the constant non-stop hunger pangs sound is a bit much. Once every 3-5 minutes would be fine. “hey you’re hungry and being penalized.” If I choose to play penalized, fine, but it’s ever 2 seconds.


You don’t lose health once you reach 100% starvation?


You never reach 100% starvation. Starving happens way to fast for that to be feasible. You’d spend your entire time hunting food.


We decided not to at the moment because the penalty is pretty harsh as it is. We might explore this idea further depending on how people use the mechanic. Right now though, stamina does not effect crafters which is a shame.

Agreed! The intention was for it be something that gives you a hint that you are hungry other than a UI bar and was triggered once every minute or so. Will look into this.


I don’t mind it affecting crafters, but can you please reduce the frequency of the hunger noise? The game is very difficult to leave sound FX on if you’re hungry. Once every couple of minutes would be enough.


The penalty for starving crafters is 85% reduction to your sanity! :crazy_face:


So your Character should start crafting random and unnecessary items :wink:


Haha reminds me of Dwarf Fortress where random Dwarves suddenly craves to craft a specific item and you need to provide them the raw materials or else they’ll go crazy! They’ll disrupt other dwarves and sometimes kill them.


This would be so awesome, you start a Crafting Job for Refined stone and get a Stack of inedible Cheesecake xDD


Maybe the constant groaning IS the penalty for starving crafters… Harsh…


How about those of us who play without sound? I didn’t even know my character needed food until another player mentioned it.


There should have been a tip on the left of the screen. Was there not?


There would be…if I hadn’t turned those off. The problem is that when I made my second and third characters for mining and hunting, I got annoyed at the constant tip that wouldn’t go away and turned them off.


Ah ok that is a bug. They should still show if you haven’t seen them before and they are important tool tips, like “beacon about to expire”.