Please stop with the server maintenance announcement already


why does it keep popping up?? Is this what we have to see over and over taking a large part of my screen and why? I only need to see it once to know! I dont need to be reminded every 5 minutes Please let us acknowledge it like other messages and make it go away so it’s not bothering me for the rest of the day


I have to admit. It does get a little annoying. Especially when either mining or engaged in a meteor battle. It can get in the way of potential targets or resources. It can get quite distracting.

It would be great to be able to dismiss it like the other notifications but I understand how they work in particular and once dismissed, they never reappear. So, it would need a separate function to dismiss the server notification with the ability to re-enable it for the next and subsequent maintenance times.

Please, Devs. If you get some free time (haha, yea right!) could you work on such a function? It would make a lot of little Oortians very very happy in time for Oortmas. (Apparently it’s never too soon to talk about Oortmas. They’re showing Panto pre-booking ads on TV for Christmas, already! Sheesh! lol)


Yeah, each update I have the same thoughts.

I mean, thanks for letting us know it’s coming, and there are those that are not other forums or discord, so it is essential to have an in game warning.

But give us an acknowledgement button please!

Even if it then defers to once every 6 hours, on whenever the character comes active, flash once, then that’s it.

At the moment it just seems to pop randomly for random lengths of time.


I like seeing it when the server is about to go down but otherwise just have it pop at intervals and not persist more than a few seconds, por favor.


it’s been a meme on the hunts. it shows up at different times for different people. When someone gets it they say something like “hey guys, did you know that…” then read the entire notice out loud…

I mean it’s nice that they make it super obvious but I agree it’s a bit excessive.


What server maintanence?


So true. Here’s a change to make it a tooltip you can acknowledge. Also, if you feel a bit masochistic, you can re-enable it from Knowledge -> Tips.

        "serverMaintenance": {
            "title": "GUI_TIP_SERVER_MAINTENANCE_TITLE",
            "description": "GUI_TIP_SERVER_MAINTENANCE_DESCRIPTION",
            "ZZtype": "NOTIFY",
            "type": "CONTEXTUAL",
            "category": "NONE",
            "priority": 7000,
            "displayTime": 90,
            "minDisplayTime": 0,
            "glyphicon": "gui/sprites/distance_maps_bw/icons/system/icon_server.png",
            "glyphcolor": "[[colourAgroCreature]]",
            "tutorialVisible": true


Should not effect the 60 minutes warning, since there is “serverMaintenanceUnderHour” entry, but haven’t tested that yet. So mind that.


Ahhh if only ps4 users could do things like this


Good hint, thanks
Have decreased the displayTime to 10 seconds to still see it in the future. No need to have that up for 1.5 minutes. Way less annoying now :slight_smile: