Plot Griefing Solution for Devs

I think it will be a good idea to have a minimum plot activity requirement before a plot becomes permanent. If no activity is found on the purchased plot (like owner doesn’t even visit the plotted land or add points on it after a few days) it should be refunded to the plot owner. That way it will force griefers to really work on their lands, not just buy plots for the sake of having one there incase the land value becomes worth it.
Also that way, if someone blocks growing settlements, the points benefit the already existing one. If it doesn’t, it will be gone in a few days which solves the trolling situation too. Win win :slight_smile:

The issue here is that some of my plots only contain a few blocks, and are high up in the air. I have a house for example, and the roof just sneaks into another plot up high.

You could potentially do this for the entire beacon, but that kind of defeats the purpose of your suggestion if their beacon spans hundreds of plots.

True, but would that create a “chore” for all residents of boundless

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Then what if I wanted a nature area? I Dont want to loose a plot because I dont build anything there :slight_smile:

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How about this: the owner has to come and do something to their plot, like say put fuel into the beacon, every few weeks or so otherwise it expires and the plots are refunded to their owner.

Oh, wait.

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Yeah, and make that fuel not something simple… like coal, but let make this fuel need effort too. Let’s make it something that needs to be crafted… like…

Oh, wait… :frowning:

Also I have buffer plots just in case I want to expand creatively, and may not be developed until well into my build, I think it would discourage preplanning and cause issues because then we couldn’t pre plot and reserve space for the build we wanted.

Instead fighting with others when the time came for the player to actually have the resources to build there.

People will build at different rates due to life circumstances and should not be penalized for living life outside of boundless