Plot Griefing Solution

So If I understand suggestion here correctly, if I plot 100 plots in secluded area for a future building, then a other player can come in, build a gleam tower next to it, and unplot what I plotted? Perfect!

What more, I on i build shelves with material for building, and that overnight gleam tower player unplot my land… he will get those shelves with what’s in them as reward.



Honestly, a better solution would be for the Devs to slightly change the CoC. Instead of just completely encirling a single player’s plot, there should be a second rule for Cities/Groups where players can’t just place a large ammount of plots preventing them from expanding in any way. There is a different between building onto a city, expanding it. And building blank or useless plots to harrass and prevent cities from expanding in a certain direction.

It should be A, against the CoC, as it’s just players being a bully and not helping the community in any form. And B, something the Devs need to look into on a case by case base to see if the player is indeed being harmful to the town, preventing it from expanding, or actually working on a project to expand the town.

Cause while you can plot anywhere, if you plot attached to a town, you should be helping to expand that town, and not getting in the way of their own expansion. Such as if a Town is building a road, you shouldn’t build a house in the middle of where the road would be in the future when the owner gets enough levels/money to get the plots needed.

Depends on how you want to do the math. Let’s assume mass crafting stones with a teaching pie for example. I can get about 1200 cubits every 2h5m of crafting, so that would be… 4h10m, 250 minutes to make the math easier, for 80 plots.

1000 plots would be 12.5 packs of 80 plots times 250m would get about 3125 minutes or 52 hours. Since one can either buy or gather the rocks with an alt at the same time as the previous batch is crafting, we can safely ignore gathering time. Add a few more hours for managing inventory and moving stacks around and clicking on all those mass crafts and I suppose about three days.

Now how much would those 30.000 cubits cost in real money, to save on about three days of logged out crafting?

The problem with your solution A is that it’s to vague. What does “large amount of plots” mean? Is 2 lot? is 5 lot? is 10 lot? or is it 100+?

Also: If I plot 1000 plots in a distance not shorter than 10 plots from the current city boundaries, and build nothing on it, is it offend-able by your terms? And when this city grows, and will start touching my plots who is the victim here? Me for plotting area days/months before? Or maybe the city, because they prevent me from expanding onto this 10 plot wide strip, by building their city there?

Why should having more blocks placed already (or more prestige) give anyone more rights?

There so freaking simple solution that was written by numerous people numerous times on this forums: PLOT AHEAD! It’s so freaking simple, and yet people find millions excuses to not acknowledge this simplest of all solutions.


The issue Sztosz, with ‘Plotting Ahead’ is many, but lets run through a few.

First and biggest being that you don’t have enough plots. You don’t even know WHAT your building, you just have ‘City’, but you don’t know how BIG that is. It also depends on HOW that City is build. If it’s planned by 1 guy, or a group, then they already have a design in mind and could resonably note how big it is going to be and calculate how many plots they would need. In this situation, someone plotting 500 plots nearby won’t matter, cause the people already planned out the whole city, every section, every road, every free plot for players to own. They don’t need to expand, and if they do they can do it in a different direction.

But if the City is expanded by players just attaching themselves to the edge of the city, with only minor planning by the players. Things like ‘Ok, we see players have claimed a bit to the west, so lets go look and depending on the shape, lets plan some more roads so people can traveling around/through them and get to other parts of the city.’ They aren’t going to claim 1000 plots, because then the city can’t expand unless people specifically ask to be part of the city, which the owner might not want and just want people to gather randomly. In this situation, someone plotting 500 plots could be right in the path of the city expanding roads, or a bigger market, or something else.

The problem with the two situations is that the first 1 has everything planned out from the start, usually by a player or guild/group already knowing what they want. The second one tho, is much more common. People just building next to each other, or inviting randoms to come join and expand the city. Where you can’t just plan it out, cause you don’t know who will come, or how many, or what they will build. The first one is plan first, then react. While the second is React first, then plan around it. The issue comes when someone new comes by in the second one and disrupts the plans. Taking plots before the builders can mark out where an expansion would be going.

Another problem with ‘Plotting Ahead’ is the NUMBER of plots needed. Not everyone has 1000 plots handy to just place down to start up a city. If many people could get that easily, there would be more griefers plotting 500 plots around most cities to mess with them. Especially since you could have 9 other alts doing the same thing on just 1 account.

Whats more, not everyone can see into the future. Not everyone can know the ideal city is going to be 50x50 plots big first, and knows they going to need X number of plots before even starting.

Plus here is the bigger kicker to all those excuses of ‘Plot Ahead first’, Cities will ALWAYS be expanding. There will always be people building new bases, new shops, new players, new creations. Cities will ALWAYS be growing bigger and bigger. If you want to get realistic with ‘Plot Ahead’, players would literally need to plot control an entire planet to account for how big a city and community could grow in the future. And the issue with that, is that for players to become part of the community and city, they would need to go to the player that owns all the plots, who might not even play anymore and just have Gleam Membership on renew, and ask them to unplot some land for each person to expand and/or move in.

Finally tho, call them idiots all you want, the fact that it’s a problem for so many people, just shows how big of an issue it is. Even if the solution is ‘So easy’ as you claim, doesn’t change the fact that it’s an issue.

Not everyone needs to build a city. When I buy $200 worth of plots, what am I winning? Frankly, I didn’t realize there was a win/loose dynamic going on here. If spend money to put a better engine in my car did I win at driving?
If everybody had a 1300 plot infatructure on their property then starting a city would be redundant. The problem I have with your arguement is you’re assuming everyone needs equal plots.

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OK, you’re mostly right. Although I have a gripe with this one thing. Why is plotting 500 plots near the city not an expansion? If an empty, wild area area is not an expansion, then I guess parks should vanish from cities all over the world, right? We need buildings in that place? Anyway I’m just messing with… but just a tiny bit. The real question is: What is an expansion? Who should decide what is and what is not? How quickly you have to build in plots you have claimed to be an expansion and not griefer (by your terms, not mine)? How many plots can I claim and build upon to be an expansion and not a griefer? I have more questions, but let’s start with these :slight_smile:

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Just that, ‘Expanding’ the city. If the plots are empty, unused, or up in the air and not connected to the city at all, it’s not really expanding the city, is it? It’s taking up space, that the city could be using for something else. And while yes, as you mentioned, Parks could be something for a City to expand around, not if the city already had an idea to expand over there, went to sleep, then the next day the entire area was plotted over by someone not even living in or near the city, nor even asked or talked to anyone leading the city.

The player or Group/Guild that started the City, and actually working on it. People who join the city, might not actually be joining the group that builds the city too.

Me for example, I build onto a City and Support them, Cuttletruck Federation, but I chose not to be part of the group. So I don’t have a say in how the city expands, nor any ideas what the plans for the city are. Tho if I asked, they’d probably tell me, being nice people. But even they themselves don’t know most of the time. They just get together and give ideas on how to expand and what sounds the best. Such has having a Market Section on one side of the city dedicated just to shops. That idea wasn’t planned from the beginning, or if the idea was, not how to impliment it or where.

But if it’s a group project, another player shouldn’t be able to take the area first and prevent the city from expanding and growing in that direction. It’s one thing if it’s a small 2x2 or even 3x3 plot. They don’t have to do much work to rework the design. But an entire city? you can just copy and paste an entire city facing a different way, nor move an entire market place, which many stalls owned and fueled by dozens of different players, to another part of the city to expand over there.

ESPECIALLY when after you move everything other, the guy blocking you, can unplot everything, and replot over next to where you move, preventing you from expanding in the new direction while freeing up the old. Aka, the problem isn’t solved, and would take WEEKS if nor MONTHS of planning, moving, and redesigning, and people probably would just leave the city instead to not have to deal with that stuff.

It’s not just building, tho it is a big part, it’s also asking to use that much land. If it was just a 2x2 land, or even 5x5 plotted land, it probably wouldn’t have mattered. But it’s literally from half the city to the north, to half the city to the west, about 10 plots thick. I’d almost say it’s about the same total size of the city, if not more. That’s something you don’t just plot down next to a city without even ASKING the creaters/owners of the city first.

As for building, I would say immediantly. If the plotted it down, that means they already know they will be building there, so should already have a storage/base/portal open to be able to start working on the build imediantly. If they needed a few days to amass resources, aka they already have a secondary base to store all those resources they are farming, they shouldn’t need to plot down the land first. Cause you wouldn’t even know if you could MAKE what you want first. You shouldn’t go “I’m going to plot this land, then maybe use it in the future for a build, if I can get the resources.”. You should be going “Ok, got the resources needed, let go find a land to settle/build on.”

I think it depends from city to city. Like the city I’m in, for Shops the city already set up the size and had rules of not goint 3 plots high, but can build however far down. And for Residents, the general size of your plots can be whatever size, within reason, as long as there was space for a road between player builds. So like 5x5 probably would be a bit much, but a 2x5 with a road in the middle built by the player, probably not as much issue. It’s all a case by case, and should always ASK before just doing it.

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Or perhaps they instead thought “Hey, I should claim the land that I plan on using for my build before I start building, so that I won’t have to go complain in the forums later that someone blocked the way I planned to expand towards”.


A new system wouldn’t be intended to fix poor planning, only to address toxic behaviors.

Two things, first, that applies to BOTH quotes I said. The difference being one had the Resources already to start building on the project immediantly after plotting down all the plots needed, and the other more toxic line of thinking could see an empty plot right next to a city for MONTHS without it being touched or used, just there to harrass and harm the city.


The “secondly” seems to indicate that the city had no actual plans of expanding, didn’t plan ahead at all, and will just keep claiming that all unplotted land in the planet is theirs because one day they might need to expand even more and they don’t want to bother with having enough foresight to plan ahead for expansion.

The solution to that will be rented planets, with those you can plot or not and it won’t matter. But for now, if its not plotted, it doesn’t belong to anyone, and whoever wishes to claim it and has the plots to do so, is entirely free to do precisely just that, even if they just want to preserve the area in its natural state.

It’s always polite to ask first before plotting next to someone else, but not mandatory. But it’s also polite to contact plot owners and trying to resolve things diplomatically before trying to make a stink on the forums. :slight_smile: But clearly some people don’t consider that mandatory, either.


Arkhainn, not even in real life, is a city able to plan EVERY road, EVERY building EVERY market, EVERY expansion as it grows. When your city was founded, where you live right now irl, the people who founded it didn’t plan out every single inch of the place for the next 50-100 years. The town grew natually, and expanded when needed to expand, not when it was planned to expand.

A City just starting out with only 5 people, doesn’t need to expand to add a Market Place. It only need that when it has enough people to need one and THEN plans to expand. And even then, people don’t MAP it out, and know the market area needs to be exactly 20x50. They are going to plot it out as needed, deciding how big the stalls are going to be, plotting those out, then the roads, the the otherside of the road. Only plotting as is NEEDED, aka Reacting to what is needed.

A player able to just come up to the city and preventing that, even if the city planned badly, is NOT a good thing. You shouldn’t punish a city for bad planning, you should punish the griefer preventing the town from growing.

But not every case is a case of griefing, which is why suggested earlier that the CoC should be expanded on. Because ‘incircling a player’s plot on all sides so they can’t expand’ is no different than ‘preventing a city/town/settlement from expanding in any 1 direction’. Because a player’s own plot by itself can easily be remodeled or repurposed.

But a whole town? builds and plots owned by many different players, playing at different times, doing many different things? The situations aren’t easily solved. Like I said to Sztosz, a town can’t just pick up the entire Market Place, with many plots owned by different people, and just rotate it and place it down on the otherside of the city to expand in the new direction. And what’s to prevent the harrasing player from unplotting and replotting over in the new direction to harrass the city again and prevent expending in the new direction?

It all has to be viewed by the Devs on a case by case base, but preventing a town from expanding, and not even using the land you plotted to do it? That’s a player being a bully, and abusing the CoC’s rules, and in game mechanics to harm a city.

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So straight down to the earth dictatorship. Should that player/group have the right to evict from their plot anyone they don’t seem fit, don’t like etc? Or right to evict just because they need some more plot in their city for their building? Did you thought through your idea? If so, what other powers should this player/group have?

What mechanics do you propose? If pre-plotting land is out of the question, how do you propose to solve that? :slight_smile: I’d really like to have an example of better mechanics than a pre-plotting area you wan’t to expand into :slight_smile:

Yeah, but you could plot the are where you want to expand before the guy… but we know it’s out of the question. So what’s your idea of preventing someone from plotting the area, if plotting it by you before him is not a viable solution for you. I really would like the details. Bring solutions to the problems not the problems themselves. Be a part of solution, not the part of the problem.

You need to give concrete numbers, how much is too much, or a formula that allows to calculate this. Servers need hard rules not wishful thinking.

Based on your numerous other posts, I assume you don’t mean the player with highest prestige to be the owner of the city. Who is the creator then? And what if two cities started at the same exact time merge… who is the creator/owner? And if I build a plot on day 1, and then other player on day 10 starts a city, and then this city swallow my plot, and by the day 150 it’s all around my plot, who is the creator then, who is the owner? The other player, or me, because I lied my plots first? Again, instead of giving solutions you create more problems.

Ok but how fast do I have to build? 10 blocks a day? 100? 1000? Maybe calculate prestige per day, and if so, how much? Again more problems instead of solution.

So how do you propose to put it in game? A special panel that let this “creator” say how much one person can plot if their plots touch the “city” plots? Or what? Again more problems instead of solution.

Can you please translate “within reason” to maths? And a formula that distinguish residents from not residents? Again more problems instead of solution.

But we have laws that protect private property. If a city wan’t to expand into some area that is owned by some people they have to buy that land first, and the people have the right to refuse to sell. Expropriation are done only in very extreme cases.

Beside that land speculation is not forbidden. If it’s a public knowledge that something is going to expand somewhere then anybody can buy it and sell with profit. But Cities tends to buy land before expanding not the other way round. What is forbidden is to sell inside-info to a singular parties, so those parties get unfair advantage over the rest, and not the sole act of buying and selling land.

The whole problem with plot griefing is that the system is really fair, with two basic rules

  • You plot the land, its yours
  • Don’t encircle other players plots

But many players think the system should not be fair, and give more power, unfair advantage to them, just because some other people were smart enough to plot the land they wanted instead of thinking “I didn’t plot it, but it’s mine!”


And interestingly enough all of those are solved by the system currently in place by simply plotting first. :roll_eyes:

There are quite a few examples to counter that in real life:

On the other hand, unplanned cities are not allowed to expand indefinitely. They expand until the border of other cities or privately owned land, built or otherwise, that came before their expansion, and are forced to stop. Which is exactly what happens in the current system.

In the case of privately owned property I suppose the city could offer to buy it from the owner instead, on a case by case basis, but that’s not in game yet.

The “solution” being proposed here is basically to allow a select group of people (particularly including, but perhaps not limited to, the proposers of the solution) to act as the Vogons from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and to allow 'em to simply bulldoze anything on their path because quite suddenly they decided that a new overpass needs to go precisely thru where your little house is.

Edit: And it fails to take into account what would happen if two opposing groups of Vogons had to demolish each other in order to expand their respective cities.


I actually gave a suggestion before, about a week ago probably now, that had to do with Cities being merged. I also game one more resently about guilds. So lets combine the two.

Ahem, first of all, it would need 3-4 changes to the game. First change being to Plots. When a plot is placed down, it should have a lable, based on where/how it’s placed. If it’s placed alone, by 1 single player. It should be labled a Citizen’s Home, or Personal Home. At which point, if another player plots next to them, the second player’s plot is also a ‘Personal Home’ plot.

The only time the two plots ‘Merge’ is if BOTH players agree to it. And if people Next to you or around you, and connecting to you, agree to being a Settlement, YOU do not automatically get sucked in as well. Instead you still keep your title of Personal Home, but at any time you can CHOOSE to join the Settlement.

^ However, if there is already a settlement, and you connect to it by placing down a plot, It becomes part of that Settlement, and NOT a ‘Personal Home’. But another note on this later, after explaining more details on a different system.

Now then, onto the secondary change, which has to do with settlements. Namely, taking an idea from Sidmire’s Civilization games, specifically the ‘City Growth expands Territory’ system. Where a small city, based on Prestiage of everyone connected to the city, Has ‘X Plots around the first plot of the oldest of the two plots first joined to make the city.’ being the city’s ‘Influence’ range and players outside the city can not build in that influence.

The bigger the city, the bigger the influence range. With the range expanding as the city grows, like in Civilization. Now here’s an issue and a new feature. What if a City grows, and someone else is suddenly inside the new influence range. Well of this, I’ll take a feature from Trove. Where the builds in that game are placed in specific locations, but when you move from one location to the next, it saves your entire ‘Plot’ and all the items for it. I wish to steal that idea.

Where you can ‘Store’ your Beacon, and all the plots attached to it, and all items placed into it. So you can literally ‘Pick up’ your build, and move it to a different location, without losing the items or plots used. Can even be used to rotate builds even, so people trying to prevent you from expanding, you can just rotate your build and expand in a direction they aren’t in. Would also give a green highlighted preview of how it would look, and flashing red and preventing it from being placed if it’s in an invalid location, like one of the plots that would be taken up is reserved, or owned by another player, even showing Yellow if connecting to another player and might end up merging with that City.

^ With that feature out of the way, if a City expands and another Personal Home build is in the way, that home is stored and the owner as to replot it somewhere else, but they don’t lose anything, just the location they originally plotted on. They have two options, to make a new locations, and 2, join the city and then beable to replot in the same spot now part of the town.

How does one join the city? 2 ways I am thinking, based on 2 features. First being City Owning. When a City/Settlement is merged by 2 players, they have to vote between themselves for who to own the city. That player becomes the mayor, and can pick someone else to replace him, or gets replaced by the second oldest player if AFK for 1 month straight, and then he STAYS the leader/owner of the city, even if someone else has higher Prestiage. Aka a Guild System, without being in an actual guild. The second first being Guilds, and their ability to own a city.

With those two out of the way, how they influence cities. First, the Leaders of Cities/Guilds would get to choose 2 options. First option being that anyone can join the city, invited by any player already part of the city. So cities like Cuttletruck Federation that don’t mind anyone coming in to join the city, anyone can living there can invite them and they can build anywhere within the Influence.

The second option being that only the Leader/Owner, and for the Guild the Leader and whatever ranks in the guild he gives city invite permissions to, can invite players to join the City and build in the Influence zones.

With the basics out of the way, we need rules for X situations:

Two cities have their influences touch. First, the cities do NOT Automatically merge. Instead Both Cities have to AGREE to Merge, AND pick with of the two will be the new owner/leader. AND have to pick, if they wish to keep one of the two names, OR pick a new one. If it’s 2 different guilds merging, they have the option to keep the two seperate, or to merge the two guilds, If they merge the Guild of the new leader will be the one continued, and the second city’s guild merged into it.

If the two cities choose NOT the Merge, then the Inflence will continue to expand, BUT it won’t expand against eachother. So if they are to the sides of each other. The area between the two won’t change, but the other 3 directions will continue to expand, as with enemy cities on Civilization.

Now then, to prevent someone from just getting a friend, and making a 500 plot new city just outside the influence of a town to prevent it from growing in a direction, I would change how how Settlements are made. Namely, I would say it isn’t based on Prestiage, but on players agreeing to make a settlement. Namely I would say… 5? You need 5 different unique accounts, plots connected together, to all agree to make a city. Then like I pointed out earlier, anyone not agreeing but connected to those 5, are still counted as Personal Homes and not part of the City.

The advantage of that being that Cities can NOT pick up and move. Any plots connected to the city, and thus part of the city, also can not be picked up and move. but Personal Home plots, CAN be picked up and moved, until they are placed inside of a city.

I would say people CAN switch their plots from City to Personal Home to be able to move them, but it would require them paying X number of Coins to the City, based on how many plots are being transformed. So like, saying 100c per plot. So to change 10 plots from City to Personal would cost you 1,000 coins, which goes to the owner of the city. Something cheap for new players, while not being free so people can’t just come in, take up space, then leave whenever without the city gaining something for it.

Now, I would also add a THIRD type of plots. One only Cities can change a plot into. And those are ‘Road’ Plots. First thing about them is that A, only the City Leader can change a City Plot into a Road Plot. B, to prevent abuse, You can not interact with any shop stands, storage, or machines (But you CAN interact with portals, Signs, and request baskets) inside of a Road Plot, so people aren’t encouraged to just make entire buildings into Road Plots.

Then have the Road Plots have these extra properties. First being, people walking/running on them act as if they have 5 points in Agility, aka they run and walk faster on Roads than on normal plots unless they have points in agility already. Secondly, Roads do NOT gain Footfall Roads are to get around the cities faster, meaning people can make the cities much bigger since it’s faster to get around, but also prevent Roads from being abused to make lots of Footfall. If not outright removing Footfall, then get like only 20% of the normal amount of footfall for Roads.

^ With Road Plots only being allowed by Cities, inside of City Influences, hopefully it will prevent players from trying to build roads between cities, or all over planets trying to gain free footfall, as people will like the City

With those new features, it would change the game dramatically. Cities would be able to grow, and hopefully not be bullied. Tho does allow two cities to exist next to each other and expand. It would allow players to pick up and move their homes/builds, so A, cities can expand without worry of people being in the way, and B, players can choose to join the city, or move to a different part of the planet, or even a different planet all together. It would also allow people that meet up and like each other after they each started and built in the game, to pick up and move to closer together, without having to dismantle and remake everything next to the other person.

It would also prevent Griefing, as people would be able to pick up and rotate their build, or move, with someone tries to block them in or harrass them. Cities can compete each other, or even work together without merging, and a system too merge. And if they do merge, able to solve issues over who is the new mayor, the new city name, and if the guilds want to merge or not as well. On top of that, a city will have the same name no matter if someone else has a higher prestiage and only the Mayor can pick who the new leader is, or if he goes afk for 1 month straight then the second oldest player in the city gets to take up the spot.

^ That is my suggestion, @sztosz. I’m pretty sure it covers all bases, the only thing would be if there is a limit or not to how big the Influence can get, thus how big a city can get, like cities in Civilizations can only have the border goes X far away. and all the details on how big the city needs to be to expand, and how ‘Big’ the Influence is each time the city grows. But all the basic ideas are done, and just needs to be ironed out, after taking ideas from how things work in other games.

That’s an enforced eviction and I am all against it. It’s even worst kind of griefing than what we have now, and what we have now is not actually griefing, but some people like you just call it that way. What you propose is the really really bad case of griefing. I will resist it in every possible way.

I only wrote few paragraphs but I really, really dislike what you wrote there. Your ideas would enforce so much awful rules, that would turn this game into something completely different. Where is the FREEDOM you wrote about in your other posts? Huh?

The biggest problem with what I read so far, is that players don’t have equal rights in what you would like to introduce. And solely based on that, I’m sure we, thankfully, will newer see such horrible system introduced.

Anyway, I’ll read rest later when I’ll be travelling, and try to write bigger response.

Exactly… it seems like instead of Boundless you want a completely different game. A game that only share some ideas with boundless.


Exactly my point in opposing those ideas. Everyone should play by the same rules regardless of how big a settlement or how much prestige or whatever that they have. Everyone must have equal rights, and right now, we already do. If it’s plotted, it’s yours, if not, its up for grabs by anyone that wants it. Pretty fair.

I can’t even fathom the rioting that would happen over ‘pay to win’ on the forums if we had such a system.

Say no to Vogons. :slight_smile:


The FREEDOM, and ‘Solution’ to this 'Enforced Eviction, would be the FREEDOM to literally pick up your personal plots, and move them to ANYWHERE you wish. So a Gem Miner, would be able to literally pick up his entire base, and move it to a Tier 6 World to make mining easier, literally plotting his home down inside of a Diamond filled Mountain, so he can mine it easily and run it back to his home as much as he wants, before picking it back up and replanting it back down in a city he wants to settle down in, or anywhere else he wants outside of a city’s influence.

You’ve got to remember that both PLAYERS, and GROUPS/GUILD/CITIES need freedom too.

My suggestion puts restrictions on cities, that players don’t have. Cities can not be picked up and moved. They can only grow and expand. Players tho, can choose to be part of a city or not, depending on the city’s way of inviting people, and can pick up and move their build anywhere in the game they want, unless a city refuses to invite them. Players would be able to move their bases to whereever they want, and will never be forced to join a city, unless they specifically want to be in a location inside of a City’s Influence, which won’t matter cause the City will most likely build over and around where you were anyways.

This just made me laugh, because not everyone has equal rights. Right now in the current system, whoever has the highest prestiage, aka the most active and highest level player, is the leader of the towns. Anyone can force Merge towns, even if the towns don’t want that. Anyone can become the mayor forcefully and rename a town to mess with them, anyone can plot down next to a town and prevent the down from expanding.

Everyone has freedom, but it causes a LOT of issues. My solution gives both towns and players even more freedom. Towns can’t be bullied except by other towns now, and only on 1 side and you can see the influence and thus know how far you can plot at max. And players can literally pick up their homes and builds and move them to anywhere they want. Players can no longer be bullied or boxed in surrounded, cause they can literally pick up their build and move to a different locations, or planet, and then continue to build.

Having only 1 fault, that if a town expands it pushes players and forces them to move, is better than all the faults and issues in the current game right now. And I pointed out that the idea is just the base. You can expand on it. You can make them have to agree to be part of the town, or pick up and move, and after say 7 days if they don’t pick it auto evicts them, or just forcefully makes them part of the town, like it does in the current system if the town touches another player.

Freedom is when you choose to do so, not when you are forced to do so. It’s like saying refugees from country where war is raging are free because they can flee the country. If you can’t see the difference, there is really no point in having any future conversation.

But right now, everyone has equal right to do whatever they want with their plots. In your twisted vision groups have right to do stuff to other people plots, and have a right to plots that are wild and currently don’t belong to no one. Madness!

Freedom causes lot of issues… do you even read what you write? :joy:

It’s not just this one fault. And it’s completely opposite. You want to introduce completely flawed system, in place of a very good one that only flaw is that if you name a city, player with bigger prestige can change it’s name.

You want to take rights of individuals. So if I don’t want to play with other players, because I simply don’t want to, I can be potentially evicted from a place I settle every day, because nothing stops other player from trolling me.

Also what if I buy boundless 5 times, and have 5 accounts? Then I can troll everybody. Today I can only stop someone’s growth in particular direction, leaving him free to expand other ways. With your system I can evict whomever I want who did not choose to play with at least 4 other people. It’s batshit crazy! You really really don’t think through your ideas, or are very very short sighted.

Sorry riding this kind of ideas makes me really really ■■■■■■■ angry. Not gonna look into this topic and respond here. Sorry Jirodyne.