Plot layering & Alts

I’d want to suggest what has probably been suggested a million times in unrelated threads before; your own characters being able to stack plots above and below your other characters’ plots.

Perhaps even a special permission type that can allow strangers to do, what feels (to me) like itshould be a default thing, as I doubt anyone would block themselves in through use of their own plots.

Though I do feel that it might be more complicated than that, as the game seems to use a top-down view of the plot grid itself, which is what I at least assume is why you can’t layer plots between even your own characters right now.

On that note too; making your own characters have full permission at all your own beacons, instead of having to give them every time I make a new character and/or beacon location.


I don’t want this, the point that comes up every time being there are beacons I don’t want my alt permissioned on. The balance is different, for different people ofc but since guilds I normally guild control my shared beacons, which gives them all the guild level permissions, but I have some beacons kept separate from that too, since I don’t want my harvester breaking my tree farm, or my miner breaking out the floor under the gleam ball I have beaconed on serpensarindi.

Either you have to add some, or you have to remove some, I guess it’s personal preference which way you like it. But I understand why this isn’t a thing.

On the other hand, I’d love to be able to layer beacons, even with the same character this isn’t possible and I would love to have it.


Oh yes please! Especially the perm for strangers thing then I can finally make the mall I wanted before I started a market! Multiple floors…


We’ve been doing the 2nd floor thing for awhile - going to take a lonnnnng time to complete lol. For now, the 2nd floor shops have to be built by the same person on the main floor below it, but we think it’s pretty cool :+1:

I wonder how the buffers would be handled on plots on different layers?


I’d love to see being able to put beacons on top of others, malls, hotels(!), bank vaults!
Onward and upward! or downward!


I was thinking maybe it’s not possible to do it exactly like we’d want because they’d have to keep all the block info for each user for each chunk, but I guess they have to do that anyway :woman_shrugging:

I think this would be easy to do. Just make an option in your beacon to let cirtan people in your friends list build above or below.
And why not. You could put an overhang on your house without interfering with someone else’s plots. It would revolutionize group and guild builds.