Plot regen?

What is the best way to reset a plot I’ve messed up with a bunch of digging? I don’t want to pop out the blocks I’ve placed, just fill in the big jagged holes I made. Regen bomb? How would that affect say…soil I’ve put down for farms and such.

You would need to pickup the blocks youve placed, deplot and then regen bomb. Then replot and start over. It is the only option as regen bombs don’t work inside plots.


Ah, ok. Thanks. Guess I have a home to fill in :wink: How do regen farms work? Is it different?

They plot the perimeter around/below the resource and leave the desired resource unplotted so players can harvest & regen it.


Good thing I never tried to make a regen farm :)))) People would have been so annoyed with me.

I had a regen farm for Stark Orange gleam on Boori. I’ve since let it go, since with sovereign worlds, it’s kind of pointless.