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It would be nice if we could ‘‘shuffle’’ the plots. Say, I see a space, take out the beacon and try to claim the space only to find the plot either starts in the sky or 90% into the ground and off-center where I’d like it. It’d be nice if you could just slide the plot where you want it and then claim - this way you don’t need to waste 4 plots which would be one or two otherwise.

I mean… Yeah, it’d be nice if plots just happened to always line up with what you’re building, but shifting them would mean shifting the whole planet. You just have to plan your build to the space.


Nah, I see what you mean but I bet it can be done. You literally just own and protect the zone chosen.

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Maybe like, a plot is any 8x8x8, and it’s not necessarily a grid. So like your plots might not line up with other people’s plots? I suppose that could be done, yeah. And you basically choose a voxel to center it on?

I bet that would take a lot of reprogramming on the developer side, but it is a neat idea. I certainly have plots claimed for just a few voxels of it.

Certainly there’s room to improve the plotting system. But personally I see a high potential for griefing if I could simplify shift my plots to block any neighbour’s expansion We’ve had a past history of plot blocking without that ability. Honestly, It’s very easy to power level earn cubits and buy plots very quickly.

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Yes, the world is a grid made of plots in chunks.

A “plot” isn’t a space defined by your beacon controller. It’s an actual piece of the grid, that you take over entirely. And it continues to be there whether it’s “plotted” or “un-plotted”.

It would take a new world engine for this to happen, I think. I would like this too, this was one of the first things someone had to explain to me in-game. But with what I’ve learned since, it’s probably not technically possible in this version of the game.


If I’m not mistaken, worlds are broken down into chunks and chunks are broken into plots. The data being sent for which plots are owned/etc only includes the fidelity of the chunk, and adding a new level of precision would add a ton more data you have to download as you move in/around plotted areas.


“Plot columns” are also important to the system.

The world is regions (though not the “map regions” we name)

The world is also (more importantly) chunks. Chunks are the first unit of the regen system, and some other stuff.

The chunks are broken into plot columns. Plot columns are relevant to the reservation systems for plots as well as plot density systems, for starters.

The plot columns, then, are broken into plots, the main unit of the protection systems and also used for cubit budgeting/balancing.

With 512 voxels per plot, moving to a ‘free plotting’ sort of system would mean (up to) a 512x increase in stored coordinate data for those protection systems, at least. World regen protection, I mean, besides plot reservations and settlement protections.

I was going to look for some other numbers but honestly, just re-writing plot protection to calculate “16 blocks from a random block” instead of “2 plots over” is probably more effort than hopefully anyone wants to ever put into those systems again.