Plot system needs reworked

Some changes I would like to see to the plot system. @monty1 @Tiggs

#1 something’s added to the world control beacon

Owner Unlimited plots on/off
Regen on/off
Fire spread on/off “if ever comes to game”
Pvp on/off
Pvp in plots on/off
Mob tier lv increase/ stay the same “can’t lower below tier lv of planet but can increase”

#2 we have
Beacon plotter
Beacon plot remover

We need

Beacon plotter for rent “ puts plot up for rent”
Example owner would put payment basket in plot and renter would place whatever owner wants as payment coin or item in basket before due date set by owner. Once plot is being rented payment agreement can not be changed and plot ownership belongs to the renter until contract end or failure to pay. You would just have to put first payment in basket to start renting game would automatically link your game account to plot so all your characters will have permissions. Great for malls or homes or hotels or viewing seats for dodge bomb game or future games.

Beacon plotter for sale “ sells plots to player for item or coin player must have enough plots to purchase.

Beacon plotter build “allows players to build In plot.”

Beacon plotter workshop “ players use machines”

Beacon plotter limited access “choose things people have access too. Example machine or chest in the ui would have “ open on/off” if on and in a limited access plot players can access the machines or chests or whatever.

Beacon plotter arena “ players fight till they fall but get resurrected with 1 hp after battle” could have chest that links to character that won for last man standing competitions”

Things like grass spread and trees growing should make changes to the world data so they won’t be removed with regen and can grow past your plot ceiling.

Part of leaving your footprint behind and ever changing landscapes

Also hopefully we get saplings from the trees in game because some of us want to populate large areas with trees and building isn’t realistic in such large quantities.


That is going to get abused quite an amount. people will set up portals into PvP areas and unsuspecting people will walk in and get killed, or get dragged in by a “Friend”. Even worse, a rotten egg might open a warp to one after a hunt or something.

Why so greedy? I find this to be a sickening idea to be frank.


I’d rather not with these. The current system is fine for what it is, but these suggestions wouldn’t do more than add more moderation issues, like Trundamere above says.


I think some of these permissions can already be handled with a separate beacon and beacon permission controls.

I would not be in support of any selling or renting of plots. I think it would encourage trolling behavior where people who camp on plots and hold premium spaces hostage for ridiculously high amounts of coin. This has already happened to people with malls where someone plots a spot, does nothing with it or makes it a dangerous area like with lava or no flooring, and then refuses to let it go unless someone pays them millions of coin. Adding a selling feature would make such behavior have an “official” channel.

It’s an economy based game creating easy ways for players to buy and sell or rent should come with it. If bob builds a workshop with the machines I need I would be willing to rent that from them for the time I need or maybe buy the whole thing. If you want a sculptor built and you hired someone to do it certainly you would only want them to be able to work in the section that the sculptor is being built. People are going to troll no matter what systems we have in place and currently someone can already gleam club beacons in “good” areas with nothing stopping them. And if Rick wants to open a portal to a lava slide and kill everyone in a hunt who enters it nobody can stop them. Shouldn’t limit systems based on your fear of trolls. Plus we have sovereign worlds now pretty easy to get whatever resources you want. Without fear of trolls. Who know maybe they will remove the whole economy based systems from this game and just fully make it a creative sand box guess time will tell. Then we would only need mod support and that would be pretty cool.

Economy is trash, renting and selling plots won’t fix it one bit. It will just create other problems.

Or bob could simply give you access to use it for free, instead trying to squeeze coin out of you, there are systems in place already to allow people in your friends list access to machines. There are already guilds one can join for access to machines.

The Trashed economy should focus on selling/buying/trading products and items, not land.

That boat already sailed long ago. Conflict and trolls in the past is what resulted in some of the silly systems we have in place today. Clearly there are enough people who can’t act maturely, so James was forced to design it so they can’t be as much of a nuisance.


I think trading plots/beacons would be a nice feature to add. Especially once we have something like blueprints. I’d gladly “hire” a builder in Boundless to create a shop or a garden for me.

It would be nice to be able to trade/buy/sell an existing build or space to another player - even better if we could “assign” or select the new owner since everyone isn’t online at the same time. I’ve spent weeks trying to trade a space to another player, but we were never online at the same time due to work and time zones.

If you’re open to selling or trading your space or build, perhaps you could toggle a setting on your beacon. Someone makes an offer and you can accept or decline it.


Personally Id just like to see different beacon types. I think @majorvex had a similar idea.

A Mall Beacon - that allows for shops etc.
A Shop Beacon - that might decay with lack of fuel or lack an empty shop
A Guild Beacon - Not sure what ideas could revolve around this.

IIRC @majorvex mentioned “zone” type beacons


This is already being done with the current system

I don’t really have too much of a problem with being able to transfer ownership of a plot, I have a problem with the game adding a system to support the monetization of plots, which will result in extra problems.

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People have been buying/selling/trading plots since the beginning too.


That is fine, but adding a system to support it, will encourage people to eat up plots for the sake of trying to extort money and profit off of it, and the amount of forum posts we see complaining about empty plots doing nothing might skyrocket, because people will try to charge unreasonable amounts for a plot. and may be successful in ripping some people off.

if those are risks the community is willing to deal with, people becoming greedy landlords, then fine. I am simply concerned about the abuse that can arise from it. It doesn’t effect me at all personally.

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I think some settlements/guilds have already set up a system that requires players to pay rent (coin, oort, etc). I wasn’t even able to prevent players from selling their spaces in one of my settlements lol - I am also not a fan of it, but I understand other players may be ok with it.

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Good now that it is settled @monty1 can we get this system worked on so we can buy sell and rent plots.

Yea there is even a mall where shop owners pay to stay open

Lol I can’t wait to see @Trundamere’s response to that.


And that is why I’m on the forums :joy:

Lol you need a day job then

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No I need a life lol

You said it yourself!

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I wouldn’t know since I refuse to join other people’s guilds. I am mostly a soloist in this game. The bureaucracy and drama that guilds can create is a whole new matter and topic.

What people do outside of the game’s systems is on them, it changes a little when you add a system to support something.

I think you might be disappointed, but I am flattered never the less, Thank you.