Plot view

A function in the beacon-control where you can open a window and see all plot connected to the control in a rotatably 3d view.

Red is controller plot.


It sure would help checking for unintentional underground plots and similar issues. At least if the plots are arranged in a fairly simple configuration.

Would be nice if you could add/remove plots this way too

Totally agree with you, the plot-placing mechanic is in desperate need for a rework.
I’m currently building an underground base and I was close to loosing my mind while trying to beacon everything.
Something like your suggestion or like this would definitely have been helpful.

So once the devs are done releasing new content like madmen I’d be glad if they’d take a second look at the plot placing.


Well, its kinda works like that if you just move away from the plotted area and build a pillar to stand on.

the thing is you don’t have to stand close to plot. but the problem comes when you can’t see the plots underground and when you have a lot of plots around your plots.

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I would prefer to not let people place plots when they are standing inside a plot because it is difficult to see. Standing further away from your plots is a lot easier when it comes to plotting.

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But still then you need to find a way to see the plot underground and maybe hide all other beacons but the one you are working on.

That would be really useful