Plots from 2nd Characters? / Skill Points/Cubits After Reaching Level 50

Hey Dear Boundless Community! So i just want to ask a Few Questions about Plotting with my 2nd Character, So is it Possible to Connect the Plots from my Main Character with the Plots of my 2nd Character so the Plots are Pretty much Attached to each other? if Yes is it Somehow Possible to Earn the Same Beacon Prestige if my Main has an Village and the 2nd Character Places some Plots near it so they all Count as the Same Beacon/city/Prestige?

Another Question i have: i saw in the Feats that i am Able to earn more than 100 Skill points, Cause there is an maximum Feat of 800 Skill points, so if i Buy the Skill set how do i Continue to get the Skill points? by Achieving Level 50 Over and Over again or how? and do i Still get Cubits after Reaching Level 50 or wont i get any More?

It is possible to connect the plots up, but it will require 2 separate beacons in your example, and the prestige will be separate for each beacon. However, you have the ability to give permissions to your other characters so that they may interact with everything inside of your beacon’s plots.

I believe if you connect plots in a 3-plot horizontal or vertical fashion, it will work around the road detection and allow for both of the beaconed areas to count towards a settlement’s prestige.

You still obtain both Cubits and skill points after level 50. Post-level 50, you get a level up once every 200,000 experience. In case you aren’t aware either, skill points are not shared between the three skill sets your characters can have. So, if you plan on using a skill set, I strongly recommend holding off on buying the skill set until after you hit level 50.

Since the feat requires more than 300 skill points used, you will need skill reset tokens and/or cleanse points to complete it.

Hopefully I was able to answer all the questions you had! :slight_smile:

Thanks a Lot! Finally found someone that Could Explain me how it Works :slight_smile:
But i have a few problems, If i try to place a Beacon (2nd Character) near the Claimed land of my First Character, It says that The Area is Reserved to my First one, Any idea how i can Fix that Problem?

That means there there is a plot owned by your first character that is either directly above or below the plot in which you’re trying to place down the beacon. You need to place the beacon down on a plot that is 1 plot horizontally away from any plots you first character has.

ah, So i can Place the Beacon with my 2nd Character not if There are Beacons Above and Below, But if its from the Side i will be able to place it?

Correct, and sorry, was adding that into the other post…I accidentally deleted it before hitting reply

No Problem^^ Alright i Thank you A lot for those helping tips! :slight_smile:

Glad I could help. :smiley: Have fun building!

You Too! :wink:

The Claiming on the Side of the Plots of my Main is Working Great, Unfortunately the Prestige Sharing isnt Working, Any ideas?

oh ok… Just forgot what i Typed! i was just Confused Cause i Checked the Beacon List instead of the Settlements List! Thanks again :smiley: