Plots in Aquatopia Embassy Available

A bunch of plots became available so I grabbed them. If anyone wants some so they can build a house, shop, factory, whatever…let me know and I will release them to you.

About the center of the area is 1133N, 541E.


The goal here is to have multiple people be able to get space and get some footfall traffic if they want…not for one person to take 40 plots. Even though that is sort of what I did …but I do plan on letting them go so I don’t feel bad about having them all now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not all heros wear capes.


Capes are also bad because of airplanes, etc … you know.


This is good. Ill check what plots you mean. Are you on discord? Dont care about footfall. I care about what plot it is. So i know do we have use for it for aqua builds

I do have Discord. Same name. There are lots of areas there. I’m not in game right now but can join when you are ready.

Are you guys still looking for a build on those plots??

You can build whatever you want on them. I just grabbed them all. I have no need for them all.

Want to show me what you got sometime?
Would that work?

Sure try me tomorrow. I should be on after 3pm EST.

I can get on about 6:30 pm est. Would that work for you?

Yes I will be there.

Cool,. I’ll have a little time. What’s your toons name?

Same as the forum.

Cool, me too

HA Shoot, gotta run now. I’ll be on again later!

Hello, by any chance are you still on?