Plotting mining hotspots in 2019

So glad I went mining today, thanks for plotting your public mines down to the mantle on the edges guys, it’s so great wow awesome yay… pls fix.



While i guess those public mines are handy, but i prefer just find my own place.
I suggest you try Flan if you just need metals… its crazy how much there is cause no one mines there :smiley:

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Gold and Silver, or?

Gold silver… tita… whatever. It has good amount everything. Cause no one goes there lol.
Also it has iron and copper…

Last time i checked resource tab also showed over 55% of soft coal so if you need good fuel for furnaces .

Edit. Sry for off topic @Fallon

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What planet is this?

I’d wager from the green rock that’s its McRib

Never had a problem finding other hotpots on mccrib (was there yesterday) etc.
does seem a tad silly to block off a regenerating resource but as long as the majority is free to mine then it doesn’t bother me.

Pick any gem planet, really haha. General message for anyone anywhere who decided to get cute with “public” mines: don’t manage them like this. I’ve counted 3 in the past week while mining gems for extra coils. I didn’t realize the worlds were getting this bad :sweat_smile:

I wish people would just not. The best thing you can do is a single plot or maaybe 4 plot beacon around lvl 24 then let people dig down the rest of the way themselves. When you plot where resources spawn, you just remove those resources from the universe forever or until you quit and your beacons expire. If everybody did this the game’s QoL would tank.


A good way to make a mine could be to do a build NEXT to a deposit with pre-aligned branch mining tunnel exits set up to access it. That way you don’t actually eliminate any of the resource :man_shrugging:
Note: I haven’t done this. I have two mines that go straight through the middle of a deposit cause I’m dumb… at least they’re freely accessible though. Pretty sure they are anyway :thinking:


One person with one mine won’t make or break us, just don’t want to see all the good deposits plotted up.

I don’t believe resources regenerate in the exact same spots every time.


Not the same exact spot but the general hotspot areas do not change because of the spawning conditions. In order to shift a hotspot, the topography of the world would have to change dramatically.

Edit: as you can see the plotted resources in an atlas, it is likely the system takes all of those locked resources into account when generating new resource levels.

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It would, so simply digging out the diamonds stuck in those rocks would cause more to spawn nearby.
A victory for everyone.