Plug your shop!


Current deals:

I’ve got Umbris at 500c, but I think that price is going to go lower. :wink: I’m loading up right now. But will probably only put a bit out at a time when I do once I lower it… thinking maybe 350c once I get a bit more!

One piece of free petrolim at request while supplies last. I’ve got around 50 now from the new exo, so for those in need with atlases in the future, I can dole this out to you.

TONS of exorocks at .5c!


Bastion Market , I’ve got reactive Lamella @ 29.9 and much more .


Wanted to do a proper post for my shop :slight_smile:
Portals from:
-PS shopping hub Lamblis
-Star Store Arie
-DKs Ultima Tree
-River Towns
Signs for Seraph Store, Trickyy or Melissa Majoria :blue_heart:

Selling lots of creature drops for cheap (restocked after each hunt I do)
Big range of forge ingredients including transmutes
My Failed Forges section :slight_smile: I’m learning to forge and its not going well… So I’m selling my failed attempts cheap. A few auto looters at the mo and some bombs
Lots of metal bars and alloys
And some other random bits (orbs, fragments etc)
Will be stocking the umbris I’ve mined shortly too


You have such a beautiful store! :slight_smile:


Thank you @bucfanpaka :blush:
Now I need to focus on keeping it stocked rather than making it pretty :laughing:


Blue Oyster Cult is my small odds and ends shop in Chaos, Raxxa. Yes I named it after a classic rock band. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I was using a lot of blue material and wondered what to name it. Good group too. Anyway it has been available by way of the Order of Oortian hub but now in addition to that can be found at the Hunt Hive.


My shop is Lorelies Ikea. Specialize in table, chairs, doors, beams, poles of every type. Several locations. Main shop in ultima in eresho. Jacey mall, witch's brew and ultima shopping hub. Other locations located at waterfront outlets, naughty Mall and illuminaughty. Accessible from witch's brew, TNT megahub. Also Lorelies Pies kiosk located in illuminaughty on Trior. Accessible from TNT megahub, naughty Mall and witch’s brew! Come check it out! Competitive prices!


Right, I may as well chime in on this! Great idea to get all these shops into one thread!

I’m the proud owner of the Dub-T forge store. Lcated in the middle of absolutely-no-where, on a planet many may not have even heard of known as Lutrion, you can find links to my store in the TNT Megahub (top row, NE corner), Portal Seekers Boori hub (top row, west side) and the Circapous Meteor Meet (east side) plus a few other select locations. Or if you prefer to get here the long way then the coordinates are -796N, 340E.

Primarily supplying forged equipment targeted at the higher end of the market I offer a range of tools and weapons to suit most needs, admittedly not the cheapest i’m sure, but quality comes at a price. Currently stocked with 35 hammers,19 shovels and axes, 64 slingbows and 80+ other forged items as well as selected augments, brews and pies.

High quality items from rank 330 to 380 with only the “right” boons selected.

Quirks are used on tools to take advantage of the possibility of added benefits and no quirk with detrimental effects is ever accepted.

Bows that do DAMAGE!

Grapples that go LONG!

And even bombs that will get you ATTENTION!

Request baskets for days.

and even some helpful information:

So stop in for a look, say hi if I’m in and feel free to ask any questions. I’m happy to give advice and will make sure you leave with the right tool for the job.


Decided that white rock does not work in my base at all, so selling it all. A couple of hundred there at the moment and plenty more refining so will keep restocking. 4c


Any chance I could get some from you unrefined? A friend of mine was looking for a little bit the other day so I would be keen for a SS or 2 for them.


Love the colors


Ahh I’m not on right now and I think most of what I collected is refining as we speak. I’ll double check when I get on if I’ve any more though


Cool thank you and no worries if you don’t have any left.


NepCo Exo in Ult Eresho Baby Cookies 1st real store lol I have a free shop for beginners at this location to


Cathedral forge, located on Lasaina, accessible via PS hub Boori, portal behind the Grov Te portal, named Cathedral Forge is open for business.
I’ve just now gone through and wiped thousands off my prices for forged hammers, shovels and axes. Also selling both regular and Exo planet bricks but only have limited stock right now.
Come visit the cathedral and take a look around, you won’t be disappointed.



We opened ca. a week ago. You find us on the following HUBs. Look after a “NATURALIS” sign.


  • [RTG] HUB Arie
  • [PS] HUB Lamblis
  • [TNT] HUB Circapous
  • [ULT] HUB Eresho
  • [DK] Ultima Tree Eresho
  • Antara Gellis
  • Hunt Hive Biitula
  • Duskmoor Pheminorum

We sell

  • Speciality: Spicy Beans (highest restock priority)
  • Food/ Brews
  • Gathering and Farming Goods
  • Hunt Loot (everything from Hunts)
  • Basic Gleam
  • Special Offers (Something with ultra-low price)
  • Free Stuff (Grab what u want :slight_smile:)

We try to restock as often as possible; nearly daily

Mini Shops

  • [ULT] Shop-HUB Eresho (under the Angel)
  • Nova Golda Market Trung



I’m definitely going to visit soon and get some screenshots to share… said it before and will again, just so much incredible talent here in Boundless! :heart_eyes:


Cool. Hope I’m round the place


Well, there is nothing on the stands YET (I’m going to remedy that here in a little bit, throw some things on :wink: Edit: Ok, got a few things up!), and I’m going to keep Elysian Fields main for some time during my very slow move, I do have a new shop area going at Paka’s Place on Gyosha. Just one portal now, at my main store, so if you are there, come check it out if you like! Very little there otherwise yet though. Lot of good land and resources around this area.


I just placed some shop stands in the aquatopia market place hub. By the main water fountain. Has some animal parts including feathers, goo, and oort. And bitter bean.

I need to put up signs. But I am spot M-22