PM system needs attention


If we are not getting a chat overhaul soon I’d like to bring attention to this so it might get fixed sooner rather than later.

I miss 50% of my PM’s since the notifications are so bad… I must tell people to contact me outside the game if they want to get a guaranteed answer. Is this really something that we can expect players to do?

Restarting the game, switching characters etc resets them, and I often leave the game idle and don’t remember to check every time I come back. Navigating through all of those pm channels isn’t ideal either if you have a lot of them.


How about making it like a true mailbox system for the pms? Where you activate your mail box(es) to see new mail. It would not have to be faster or anything simply retain the mail until read and maybe a small visual sign above your mailbox(es) “you got mail”.


Yes pls, anything so that it’s not possible for them to disappear without me actually seeing it would suffice :smiley:


Yup, this and the general delays that chat has are big issues in my opinion… When the chat UI was updated I expected and basically allowed for cross-world chatting, even in groups (guilds) I thought that I’d be using it a whole lot more.

Unfortunately I’ve barely used the cross-world functions, because they are just aren’t working well enough to be worthwhile. It really is quicker to speak to someone from outside the game, most of the time… :confused:


We need a proper inbox system with the latest PM’s up top with a marker in front of each unread one.

And then add an icon somewhere in the chat window that shows we have unread ones…

And make sure people know its not a chat thing but more like a mail so they don’t expect it to be instantly delivered which it most certainly is not!

Also the generic channels need looking at…


Lol I should have read further.

Once I saw the op I wanted to share what I had already mentioned to others…


Yep an on screen icon would be nice. Flashes when you have mail and has audio clip in Oortian “you’ve got mail”



Lol two days back some one pm me and got notified straight away. Responded to his msg and and didn’t get any notifications. After a few hours went to check he apparently had replied straight away. But the msg didn’t show until I checked later. So its not only the notification the only things that seem to work are whisper, say, shout. Notifications don’t even work all the time.