Poll: Are you tired of reading about Footfall and if it broke or not?

Fair enough. But they wouldn’t be complaining about this. Don’t hear any whining about the “gem wall” these days, do you?

Each visitor, every 24 hours, no reductions, alts don’t count.

Complaining is reduced by 95% overnight.

Let the coin flow.

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Yes. it is tiring just how self entitled some people seem to be about the situation and the moment they get something less then what is expected they scream to the high heavens about it. Footfall is free coin for doing very little in most cases for most people


Sorry. You put in a “fix” to increase footfall and it effectively nerfs it further, people are going to be upset.


Not in so many words but there will always be something. Right now it’s guild buffs (which are entirely optional and we lived perfectly fine without them so far).

And that is part of the problem, as soon as everything they want is instantly achievable, people complain there’s nothing to do. But when things aren’t instantly achievable, they complain that they have to work too much for them. :roll_eyes:


We’re just asking to be back where we were. We are not asking for the coin to rain on us. Nor asking for more than what we had. but taking a 50% hit on the main income is a nerf not needed.
FF, and feats are the only coin generators. After awhile the sinks are going to out level the generation and its gonna make for a not so enjoyable game.

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This statement here is the problem and i wish the devs will correct this, keyword being “Main income” it shouldn’t be main income, its unfortunate that it is right now.

Infact james nearly admits it himself i feel with the following statement

To reward players. That doesn’t sound to me like its supposed to be the main way of getting coin. So the devs need to fix this and add another way to get coin. I have made a few suggestions in other topics about how they can do this already.


As a builder, what else would be the main income? This isnt a mining sim. Its a sandbox. And as such every player should be able to do create a fair amount of coin for the aspect of the game they enjoy playing.
Yes, miners and gatherers will create more. No hard feelings.
But the builders in the game should at least generate enough on a decent build to pay for the tools and time.

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It’s the ONLY income. As many people have said before, it’s the only money going into the economy. There are currently more coin sinks than coin generation.

No one can shop unless they have coin. The way you get coin is footfall.

Everyone has shops, but no one has coin to spend. How is that hard to understand?

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I think you’re confusing the… level of things.
Yes, footfall is the main way that coin enters the economy, but this doesn’t mean that it has to be every single player’s main source of income.

You can still gather things to sell, craft things, run a shop, etc. as your primary income. Footfall shouldn’t be the main income for a shop owner, for example. If a shop is making more coin in footfall than in sales, something has gone terribly awry.

In fact, it is undesirable for footfall to be the main source of income for most players, because then there’s no reason to make shops, as no one really needs to sell anything. Nor do people need to gather to supply to baskets, because the crafters won’t be crafting. Why would they if they make more in footfall? And so on.


Yeah, the issue is the intended guild size. If you need 50-100 people in a guild to reliably cover the buff coin sinks, then I might have issue. This is to large a group to feel like a cohesive team (Dunbar blah blah blah). If a guild we’re considered to be the grouping of teams, say 100-200 people divided into smaller groups of those who play together regularly, then the footfall and coin sink numbers are probably correct. This implies that smaller guilds would not expect to have all three guild buffs running all the time. And that might be a fine trade-off as the guilds solve some settlement issues as well. Maybe the question I would ask back is: What is the minimum guild size that players expect should be able to support all buffs?

Which I feel is bad game design at this point.

I don’t, So don’t use “Everyone”

Maybe, This topic has me exhausted by now. Especially since this is a topic that doesn’t even effect me, I just feel strongly enough about it for some reason to speak my mind about it.

Yes. however, one, that doesn’t generate NEW coin into the system. You are just moving it about. and two. not everyone wants to get into the situation of trying sell stuff, and spending the time to do market research and know when they are getting ripped off or not. Marketing can be complex if you want to do it well. and while yes that is the best way to get coin for yourself in any game if you are good at it. it is not why I am here, and i hazard some others might feel the same

Oh I get it…sort of why I did it. Irony?

People can talk all they want about “there should be other ways to generate coin.”

Sure. I agree with you. But there isn’t.

Footfall is what we got. If you are a dedicated builder and/or don’t want to run a shop, it’s the ONLY income you have.

But the footfall dried up after the fix.

There is a reason I have been pushing to increase the number of portals I have at my place. No matter how much I drop prices, nothing sells. Nothing. An occasional Iron hammer. A gold fist here and there that I have up for less than the cost of the mats. Sometimes a couple machines.

Now, with four portals instead of one, and many, many times the amount of traffic, I’m almost, ALMOST, getting the footfall I was before the “fix.”

And I’m still broke most of the time.

So with nearly 260K prestige in my beacon, almost 370K in my entire settlement, I’m still not creating enough footfall to be any net benefit to the economy.

My forged tools are all running out and I’m sweating how I’m going to 12-18K a pop to replace them. Heck, most of what I have were gifts in the first place.

Cute comment.

Depends on what one would define ‘broken’ as. Since it was the devs their intention to increase footfall for less well travelled places and the same for the rest one could come to the conclusion that it’s still broken in the sense that it’s not actually doing that just yet. It is still lower than before 211 for many people out there, myself included.

I do not rely on the footfall directly for my income, I am not looking for a handout, but if I am receiving 50% of what I used to get that means my customers can have the same issues and thus have less income to buy my products which means I have lower sales which was really, really noticeable right after release 211.

It got better, both my own footfall and probably others’ as well since sales went up and there have been a couple of really, really good days but now since 2 days things are getting a little slower again, probably because footfall is getting lower a bit due to repeat visitors. This also probably will correct itself again once the 5 day thing is over once again.

Soo, is it working as it should? Don’t think so.
To say it’s not broken if for you it seems to be fine doesn’t mean that’s the case for everyone.
That people complain about that doesn’t mean they want hand-outs.

Things aren’t that black and white you know…

Not all buffs should be payable with coins. I’ve made a post elsewhere suggesting other metrics to be used to determine the buff level a guild has like the builder’s buff counts the number of blocks placed/chiseld by their members, the more they did the higher the buff.

That way more than just shopkeepers can help a guild and even the lowest level players can help further the guild by simply playing.

I also suggested that there should be a tax relief buff which either uses coin or counts the amount of tax paid thru guild aligned shop stands, grapple and run which counts the amount of metres traveled, etc., etc.


Yes, I am. There is no big problem there - only tweaking needed, so no drama needed. Only thing I am not tired of reading is the experiments and data posted by @Arkhainn (great job :sunglasses:)

Footfall was broken back in a 24-day rule times. What we have now is already good enough. And it can be balanced.

Footfall. The trophy you get just for someone else showing up.


Also only coin generator thats efficient.

Footfall got “fixed” the same time as guild buffs showed up. This footfall “fix,” best case scenario you break even relative to what you made before the “fix” and worst case scenario you are now making 50% less. Most players are probably in the 75% range, give or take, and no serious players are getting more than they were before.

Hooray for guild buffs and no way to pay for them. Guess we’ll just ignore that entire part of the game after this week. It’s a damn shame how at least one part of this game is always locked behind some kind of wall. Gem wall, and now a coin wall…

If you read thru that you will also see the developers say that heavy traffic builds will stay relatively the same not significantly nerfed like some are experiencing

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