[Poll] Do you buy plots?

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Hi all-

Given the prolific builders we have ingame, I’m curious to know who buys plots and who just uses the cubits/plots given to you free ingame.

  • 0 plots (I use the cubits/plots that are given to me for free)
  • <40 plots (1200 cubits)
  • <80 plots (2400 cubits)
  • <240 plots (7200 cubits)
  • <580 plots (14,400 cubits)
  • 580 plots or more

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choose at least 4 options??? I’m confused

Fixed error. Thanks

My option ain’t there it’s wayyyy bigger than that amount lol


Ha. I figure there were some whales which is why I put 580 plots or more. But I guess that’s even too small for some of you :wink:


There are a lot of people with 2,800-25,000+ plots. Some have 50-100k+

Is the poll asking us how many plots we’ve purchased and not our total plot count?

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Correct. It’s only asking how many you bought.


I bought a couple hundred (around 300-400) in early game. Just could not live without at least some space lol. ^^
At that time I jumped from like 30 to 250 then again a bit later to around 500 lol

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I got lazy after they fixed quick lvling from rock too stone now its at 0 (;. ; )

I did buy plots first when I started the game. I stopped because players were leaving and worried I was spending money on a dying game. If the game finally gets over stagnant hub and player population grows ill buy more cubits. But I’m still in afraid to waste money mode.


I’ve purchased XX,000 cubits…not sure how many plots exactly.

I haven’t purchased any recently though. Mainly because I don’t know what’s coming down the road. I don’t want to regret buying cubits if I can instead rent a planet or buy a new & improved GC package…or something. I wish I had an idea of the direction of the game. If they decide to change everything or make a new universe …:woman_shrugging:t4:


On a reboot you would not lose a single cubit. It’s legally very difficult to simply substract a previous purchase like that.


They had previously said there was no plan for another reboot


I bought in the first few months. Now I don’t need to with ALTs being almost all +50 it goes quickly.

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There won’t be a reboot don’t worry.

I bought some early since I wanted to beacon a large area on Gloviathosa.

Ironically the area never grew and I’ve unplotted. And since then I’ve leveled so much I have more plots than I know what to do with.


I bought cubits originally to support the developers, but would much rather buy cosmetics than plots.


I also but cubits here and there and if I buy I get the big one just to support them because I loved the game since Beta :wink:

Oh yea I would also most likely use them on cosmetics if that was in the game


it went down to 1xp. Unless I missed a change some where. But if it went to 0xp now I would expect rock to stone would be instant now and I haven’t seen anyone talk about that so likely I didn’t miss a change.

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I bought a reset token once because my character was unlevelable lol. And I regret that purchase.

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