[POLL]Should Gleam Club members have to wait 15 minutes between switching skill pages?


You’re half right. I have not acquired any other skill pages because I do not think that I would like the wait.


You’re not at lvl 75 or above on a character? I thought you would be. Or do you mean the 15min wait when not at home?

As for the wait I don’t see it as a problem because i can’t think of a time I would want to change my skills around that fast if I’m doing anything other than building.


my main just turned 74, but I have yet to get a new skill page.


I’m curious if there is a larger percentage of people who vote no that have gleam club than the ones who voted yes… lol. I don’t feel GC would be pay to win if it lowered the wait to 10min, or even 5min. IF it removed it, eh possibly?

I mean, its a convenience really, what with us being able to warp home for free now. With being able to get home so fast (and cheap) getting rid of the wait for GC would really be more a time saver rather than a strait advantage. I mean you can save your current location, warp home, change spec, and warp back (or use portal system to shorten the distance as well as reduce the cost of warping back), saving you 5min (at most) and 100c (at the cheapest warp back cost). Not really P2W in my book, but I do understand a divide with that (and perception is varied by many players, some already think this game is P2W right now after all).

So do I think the cool down should be removed for GC? Not really. Would I like to see new things come to GC holders? Absolutely. Would a reduced cool down on skill pages be an ok thing to do for GC? In my opinion yes, but I understand why people say no.


My opinion is if you are going to offer something for gleam club members it should benefit all of them and not just the ones that use skill sets. The beacon fuel benefits every players since everyone should have a home beacon. I can see adding more cosmetic items (even thought I do not use them), because every player can use them equally.


How do you balance this with Alts? If I have to return to wherever I left my alt and then have them trek to where I need them, then why should skill pages be any different? Using a friendly beacon merely means I bring a beacon with me and can plant it and fuel it so I can switch skill sets at will. I think this is too easy to get around.


I voted yes.
It shouldn’t be some service that could be able to skip it by paying, has some p2w vibe.

I still hope to see new ways to improve how to able to speed up changing page from other when not on home beacon area. For example new consumable to reset timer or allow changing anywhere beaconed area that has Town status or higher with small fee.


That’s why in my post I mentioned any owned beacon over 10k prestige. It would prevent the abuse you’re thinking of.


Fair enough, with the prestige rebalance, it would require more than just placing any beacon, but I still think it creates an imbalance in favor of skill sets versus alts.


I suppose it would. But it’s been the players choice to decide between alts and skill sets from the start. I went the way of skill sets because it’s in my book better. I don’t have to switch characters to do what I want to. No worries of multiple inventories. No oh I need to plot on this character. I don’t have to worry about hey I need this alt on Maryx not Norkyna. That made skill sets look more appealing from the get go to me.


If you plant and fuel a beacon on the road AND set it as your home beacon you can switch skill sets at will already…

But why not allow us to change skillsets in any friendly beacon INSIDE the settlement where YOUR home beacon is located as well?

That would help a bunch already!


I think the obvious downside to doing that is you then can’t warp “home” for free anymore.

That would be a good QoL improvement, and I think the extra server costs to determine if you’re in the settlement of your home beacon, should be fairly low.


Can probably be done during the same process that does the settlement connections and then flag it as “home settlement” or somesuch internally if the home beacon is there.